if you just ran into michael jacksons ghost what would you do?

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    Man, That would be a 'Thriller'.. I'd probably say 'Beat it'. get back 'in the closet' You're 'Bad', I'll 'Rock With You' later dude..

    Have the house blessed or anointed with oil and make my kids sleep in my room to make sure they were safe...
    MOONWALK !!!
    Ms Sinclair

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    haha, you should see me moonwalk, just as good as Michael was LOL.

    I just love your comments spaceghost Brilliant !

    Well thank you Mel, I love your comments also, great minds think alike!!!
    Ask him if being an unrepentant pedofile was worth it (hell).

    ask him to do the moon walk.. the only gost i beleive in is the holy gost!
    I would S**t in my clothes. That goes for any ghost.
    Tell him don't bother coming back,had enough of his ball grabbing song.
    I'd let him know his complexion has gotten darker.
    ole hipster

    If he were a ghost wouldn't he finally have achieved that "whiteness" he's always strived for? (Anyway, when I think of what a ghost would look like, it would be white and hazy) (:
    I would turn white with shock" be proud of your skin your were born with I dont think you did.
    I'd probably start believing in ghosts...good question from you!(:
    Ask it to do the moon walk. I loved that.

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