are ghosts real

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    only if you want them to be, as for myself no only the holy gost.

    There is the cosmic physical (material) world and there is the spiritual world. And ghosts exist more in the spiritual world.

    Now because someone or some people deny the existence of something does not mean the thing is non-existent. If a blind man denies the existence of light just because he cannot prove its existence through his bling eye, that does not mean light does not exist.

    In these days of scientific and technological advancement and the insistence upon emperical evidences before any fact can be accepted, some may vehemently deny that ghosts are real and that they exist somewhere. But mere denial does not mean they are not real or that they do not exist. With all the scientific findings and atheistic arguments abounding here and there, scientist and people in their private lives acknowledge the fact that there are some terrestial beings that do not submit themselves for scientific examinations or verifications. Some occurences in their private lives and families prove to them that there are other factors in existence that scientific convictions and/or evidences cannot explain. Those things belong to the realm of the spirit. And that is where God belongs.

    Further evidence to back up this argument is the annual HALOWEEN DAY celebrated in Britain every October. The custumes used and the activities of the day points to the existences of weird beings which some religious people caall "witches and wizards." But a free thinker would not even think before dismissing the existence of witches/wizards or their activites in the siciety. But dismissing their existence does not meal they do not exist.

    So ghosts are real.

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