Ok serious question, why do shop bought sandwiches taste better than the ones you make at home

    Very interesting that colleen thought i was a child, i am in fact 56 years old and enjoy a laugh, life is far to short to take it too seriously. Collen take a chill pill.

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    It's all in the sauce ... which VERY few people utilize in "homemade" sandwiches. Ihe day'll never forget the day I asked my neighbor to help me make some mini-subs for an impromptu block gathering in my back yard. When I started cutting up the ham and turkey slices I noticed him picking through the fridge. Next thing I knew, he was mixing up a sauce for the bread. It had a couple spoons of Mayo, horseradish, basil, grey poupon, tarter sauce and worcestershire. Ninety seconds later we had the best damn subs I had ever tasted - all because I was too lazy to go the extra step.
    the same reason a beer tastes better at a bar than at home ,the atmosphere, getting out as well as the people...
    Partly because you didn't have to make it! The other part is because the ingredients are bought and packaged in bulk, thus the taste and textures are different than the small amounts we buy for home are. From different companies too. It all adds up. And don't forget that the rolls or bread are probably fresh baked and delivered daily, which we don't do at home either.

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