is the world gonna end in 2012?

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    I hope not, i want to read COLLEEN'S answer to "DOES INTELLIGENT LIFE EXISTS IN OTHER GALAXIES'', in two years time.
    the world ends every single day for those who die so the answer is "yes for some of us"
    We get this question over and over here and the only thing I can say is it could end for you anytime so be ready, ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins and live in your heart.
    harry crumb

    Jesus does not exist so no point in asking him anything
    Headless Man

    Your option welcome, but I know better.
    Not sure! but if it does,no will be here to tell you.
    i'll let you know in 2013.
    If the world does end, that it not the end of everything. There is no such thing of nothing.
    nonscence, earth as we know it will end but not the world, that would make god a lier, there shall be a new heaven as well as earth one day.
    "No scotland is going to win the world in four years time

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