What is Red dot and Blue dot Marijauna?

    How does it taste? what are they crossed with? How is it?

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    3 Answers

    Afghani Indica Very strong, physical, practically narcotic Hashy Heavy, almost medicinal
    A-10 Indica Heavy body Earthy Hashy
    A-4 Indica Heavy body Earthy Hashy
    A-7 Indica Heavy body Earthy Hashy
    AK Haze Sativa/Indica Light body high, uplifting and head high Spicy Spicy
    AK 47 Sativa/Indica Cerebral, alert and munchies Woodsy Sweet
    Alaskan Thunderfunk Indica/Sativa Creepy, sleepy Black grapes Chocolate
    BC Big Bud Sativa/Indica Even body head high Citrus Citrus
    Big Bud x Skunk Sativa/Indica Cerebral, wandering mind and creative Sweet and pungent Smooth
    Big Fatty Sativa Head high Citrus Citrus
    Big Domina Indica Body relaxation, sleepy Acrid, dank and hashy Citrus
    Blackberry Indica/Sativa Heavy body Earthy and acrid Berry, licorice
    Blue Dot Indica/Sativa Very strong spacey and even head, body high Rich sweet and skunk Lemon
    Blue Dragon Sativa/Indica Even body head high, euphoric Sweet aroma Berry
    Blue Heaven Sativa Up, anti-anxiety, euphoric, giggles and munchies Blueberry, cinnamon Blueberry, cinnamon
    Blue Moonshine Indica Giggles, munchies, sleepy Acrid Fruity
    Blueberry Indica/Sativa Euphoric, long lasting Berry Berry
    Blueberry Kush Indica Heavy body, euphoric, giggles, munchies, couchlock effects Hashy Hashy
    Bubble Funk Indica Like Blueberry but with heavy body high Pungent and skunky Fruity
    Bubble Gum Sativa/Indica Up lifting, cerebral, wandering mind and creative Sweet and pungent Smooth
    Bubbleberry Sativa/Indica Up lifting, euphoric and cheerful Pungent and skunky Fruity
    Buddha's Sister Indica Cerebral, alert Tart rather than sweet Tart cherry candy
    Cali-O Indica Stony, pleasant, body relaxer with mellow effects Sweet Fruity
    Champagne Sativa Uplifting head high and meditating Sweet Melon or grape
    Chronic Sativa/Indica Even body head high Floral Floral
    Coral Reef Sativa Smooth mellow, cheerful Sweet Sweet
    Dot-to-Dot Sativa/Indica Even head body Acrid and musky Citrus, tannin and spicy
    Durban Poison Sativa Pain killer, strong body high, alert, clear head Licorice Licorice
    Dutch Dragon Sativa/Indica Even body head high Sweet Fruity
    G13 Indica Heavy body Sweet and dank Sweet
    Great White Shark Sativa/Indica Body stone, serious buzz, great for chronic pain Pungent Tangerine, berry
    Hash Plant Indica Body stone Sweet and spicy Sweet and spicy
    Hawaiian Indica Indica Strong body stone, confusing head high and narcotic Sweet and citrus Sweet and citrus
    Hawaiian Sativa Sativa Alert, cerebral, great for pain and glaucoma patients Citrus Citrus
    Ice Sativa/Indica Stony, heavy body high Fule and hashy Citrus
    J2 Indica/Sativa Strong body high Skunky Sweet
    J-27 Sativa/Indica Head high with some body effects Sweet and spicy Spicy
    Jack Frost Indica/Sativa Stupid and confused Blah and fuel Blah and fuel
    Jack Herrer Sativa/Indica Cerebral up and silly Fresh Pepper
    Kali Mist Sativa Cerebral, energetic, clear mind, great for PMS, MS and fatigue Sweet and spicy Sweet and spicy
    Lamb's Bread Sativa Psychedelic and meditative Spicy Sweet and earthy
    M-39 Sativa/Indica Happy, smiley, great for anti-depression and appetite stimulation Spicy Spicy
    Mango Indica Body stone Sweet and mango Sweet and mango
    Maple-Leaf Indica Indica Body stone Maple Syrup Maple Syrup
    Master Kush Indica Body stone, visual Mildly earthy and sweet Virtually without taste
    Mazar I Sharif Indica Heavy body Spicy and dank Harsh and earthy
    Morning Star Sativa Up lifting, mind expanding Moth balls Sweet and expanding
    Nebula Sativa/Indica Cerebral, trippy and spacey Sweet Fruity
    Northern Lights Indica Narcotic, body high, lazy and relaxing Sweet Fruity
    Northern Lights-Haze Sativa/Indica Up lifting, psychedelic and body high Fresh and peppery Fresh and peppery
    Northern Lights x Big Bud Indica Mild body high Citrus and berry Citrus and berry
    Oaksterdam Goo Indica Weird, confusing, euphoric and stupefying Hashy Berry and peppery
    Ortega Indica Strong body high and very alert Very Sweet Very Sweet
    Pardem Indica Heavy body Sweet and fermented Musky and earthy
    Purple Super Kush Indica/Sativa Mild head high, strong body high, relaxed and sleepy Sweet spicy and hashy Sweet
    Red Dot Sativa/Indica Uplifting high Spicy and earthy Musky
    Romulan Indica Heavy couch lock, concentration difficult, appetite stimulant, great for chronic pain Dry pungent, spicy and grape Dry pungent, spicy and grape
    Rooty Tooty Indica Mild head and body high, sleepy and munchies Fermented fruit Fermented fruit
    Sage Sativa/Indica Cerebral, alert Woodsy and wild sage Woodsy and wild sage
    Sensi Star Indica Strong body stone, possibly cerebral and energetic Pungent and lemon Pungent and lemon
    Shaman Sativa/Indica Euphoric head high, strong body high and psychedelic Sweet and spicy Sweet and spicy
    Shark Shock Sativa Stony and great for glaucoma Mild citrus and floral Fruity and earthy
    Shiska Berry Indica Heavy body high Sugar and berry Sugar and berry
    Silver Haze Sativa Even head body high Menthol pine and fresh alpine Fruity and fresh
    Lol....never heard of it. Ask me a question pertaining to rum and I have an
    P.S. I hope this isn't your answer to boosting the economy;)

    no way, although since it's legal it helps.I just never heard of it before.

    It's legal there? Not grab for the government here.

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