The weekend is here again...whats your plan to either relax or take advantage of the sun and have fun....whats up?

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    It's chilly here (for Queensland,14 deg celsius)but a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in sight.
    Got the kids & grand kids coming over for dinner & I always look forward to that.
    Sunday will be a drive to the Gold Coast to see my wifes little sister.(Don't always look forward to that).
    Lunch tomorrow at Minetti's seafood cafe.Best seafood in Australia(& the cheapest).H8 the drive home in the traffic.

    Well it sounds like your busy...have a great weekend abd happy fathers day to you
    ed shank

    College graduation party/picnic at a friends house tomorrow. Tons of people expected, I'll no doubt be bad, catch a buzz, dance my ass off, and schmooze a few honey's, (Wife's not going). Recuperate on Sunday.

    Don't get caught Ed!!
    ed shank

    Haven't so far. Fingers and toes are crossed.
    Going to see my Dad on Sat. We cant stay.. he is not doing very well and really doent want the kids to see him in such bad shape... He wants them to remember him as the strong man he has always been for them

    Oh Jenn, how lovely is your father! He is just like my father who's always tried to show his children he is a strong man, mentally.
    I hope he gets better soon.
    You and your father are in my prayer.

    So sorry...your dad sounds like a very strong man.

    He is teminal ... He has lung cancer.. We are looking at weeks... But he is the bravest strongest more amazing man I have ever met. I am so proud he loves me. ( I am not his bio daughter, but he think I hung the moon)

    wow Jen your Dad must be a great guy and what a lucky dad to have you who cares for him so deeply he and you will be in my preys we have somthing in common I am not my dads bio daughter this did not matter to each other he loved me like yr dad loves you "he is dead now but I think about him often the memories of the happiness we shared and the tears I shed have always been replaced with smiles
    Cooking out, PLENTY of good food, YOU'RE ALL invited, all you got to do is come to Southern Virginia !!!

    woooohoooooo....on my way;)

    ETA...pending :-)

    You and your family are very welcome to come. Our cookouts have a LOT of people. We'll invite friends, who then invite friends, so the next cookout there will be more people and we enjoy everyone.

    Pamela, I'll send a private jet to get you if you'd like.
    We have a beautiful weather here. I'm getting ready to go on a picnic at a local park now, dinner out with my brother's family tonight, teach some students tomorrow morning and going to a party at my friend's house in the evening, Sunday is reserved for hangover and recovery. ;-) Have a wonderful weekend!

    Well have fun...drink a large glass of water and have a tylenol before you go to bed...will help with the hangover.
    Staying home and enjoying outdoors. Its Motorcyle week here. Thousands of People from all over the country. Traffic backed up everywhere.

    I would love to be there on my bike...sounds fun...have a great weekend
    laundry, go to church and of course fun fun fun!

    Whats the fun part?

    playing with grandkids, going out for a drink with my friends, maybe some billiards or bowling. and of course relax on my porch in the nice night air.

    mmmm...that sound sgreat...I will be there with ya;)

    We had discussed travelling to Edinburgh tonight to attend the outdoor Christmas market but the wind is high and it's sleeting.  Not to mention the Lone Wolf may attack.   It's warmer and safer to stay home.

    Christmas threat, the Lone-Wolf>>>


    Our society is getting more pathetic by the day. So many angry people lashing out everywhere. :((((
    country bumpkin

    It is so sad. People can't step foot outside their door without having to worry about being harmed.

    I had to call 999 (emergency number here) last night because a man was trying to break down the door next to us while shouting he will slit the occupant throat with a knife as soon as he breaks down the door. Luckily, the police were quick arriving because the man was out of control by the time they arrived.
    Just to let mom know we celebrate fathers day here in Australia in September and mothers day in May,i didnt know it was different either.

    Oh I see..I had no idea obviously.
    If it's not raining here we both will be in the garden working. Father's Day on Sunday will bring the kids for lunch and a nice visit.
    I think maybe I watch the Bruins celebrate since its on every channel and it could be another 39 years before we see it again. The Mayor of Boston said "the Bruins are great ball players on and off the ice" yesterday. I wonder how the bruins feel about being referred to as ball players?

    Congrats to the Bruins...very sad how the idiots acted in Vancouver. I live on Vancouver Island and just want you to know Canadians are generally not like that.

    Thank you, I know we have are Idiots here as well. They ruin it for everyone. That's why I would rather watch it on tv. You just never know what some clown that has had to much to drink, is going to decide to do. I hate to say it but the alcohol really adds to the stupidity. Thanks again.
    thats a bit nosey.i play xbox and watch wwe umm play ps2 but only got 2 games on xbox sad

    lol...sorry you think I am nosey...just wonder how people enjoy their weekend. Have fun on your games.

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