What are some of the best ways to create JOBS and get our economy going again ?

    What are some of the best ways to create JOBS and get our economy going again ?

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    Americans clearly remain focused on keeping manufacturing jobs from going overseas. We have a global economy and the problem must make it better to do business in this country than some other country.

    Well said it Pamela.

    Thanks, varon!
    Lower the Business Tax and Capital Gains Tax. Tax anything that is imported and dont buy anything made in China. Department Stores that sell only goods made in the US. Stop giving our money to different countries and stop the waste. (like 8 Billion
    that Social Security overpaid, 100 million to Microsoft and the waste in the pentagon}
    ed shank

    The problem with taxing Chinese goods is that they are our bank. If we piss them off, they'll call in their loans, then what. We will be a slave to China for decades thanks to this idiot running our country. I know, Bush was no better. Obama has fixed NOTHING so far and doesn't have enough time left to do anything substantial.

    you are exactly correct

    Ed, that is true. Our Politians were not smart enough to see it coming. They are at fault for not
    looking ahead and protecting our jobs.It has gotten worse with the Obama Administration. Bill Clinton signed the bill that loosened the regulation on lending for Homeowners. It has caused our financial crisis. This country is a wreck!
    Thats a good question. Usually I would suggest starting a service company for people. I am Canadian and there are a lot of wealthy retirees here so it is easy to get a business going simply cutting grass and hedging or cleaning houses. I have my own salon in my home which generates a great income for me. I don't know what people in your local area can afford or need but the service industry is worth taking a good look at. Maybe focus on what you like...if it's cars, maybe start a car detailing company that is mobile so they can have their cars done from the comfort of their homes.Try to find something that you enjoy and change it up from every other business that is already offered.

    Mom, this is a great idea

    Well thanks varon...not sure this is exactly what he was asking but I tried;)....have a great day!
    we need to give big bussiness more incentives to set up shop here in america weather it be corporate tax breaks or commerical land tax free for five years or even higher import taxes. although unions are great for those in a union it seems to drive big bussiness overseas the presidents econimic stimulules seems only helping the big bussiness.its time to close the doors on most foreign aid. and focus right her on america..
    We need to bring back the labor market in this country. No companies would build a factory here when they could have one in somewhere abroad cheaper. I haven't thought about it deeply how we make it? That's up to the politicians, the government and the economists to study for.

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