PLEASE suggest how to save my cedars. I was wondering why had they brown leafs and yesterday I discovered some white flies, clouds of them pouring out from within branches. What chemicals will be working? Time ago there was a Diazinon, good for every thing, but today? I don't want to loose my beautiful hedge!

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    The first way to rid yourself of whiteflies is through the use of pesticidic sprays. They are easily eradicated with natural sprays. Most gardening and garden supply stores carry these sprays. The most effective sprays are the ones which contain pyrethrum, although you can also purchase an insecticidal soap or make a homemade spray. These sprays are all usually applied in the same way. First you remove all the leaves that are more than 50% damaged and burn them or cure them in a heated temperature of more than 200 degrees fahrenheit(to kill all the remaining whitefly eggs). Then spray a fine mist over the infected plants, twice, completely covering them each time. Repeat this treatment about every 5-10 days, depending on your level of infestation. Your infestation levels should improve and begin to show signs of improvement immediately(within a day or two after every spraying). After spraying it would also be wise to add a few natural predators to keep from using harsh insecticides on your plants.
    Diazanon is still on the market, along with other insect killers for the flies. They might not be the reason for the leaves turning brown. Around here winterkill is more likely for cedars dying back, just cut the brown part off. Between the Diazanon and cutting back the dead stuff you should be good to go. You could also make sure that they get watered well and give them some fertilizer too. Good luck.

    Heres some info on cedar pests:

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