Child converting to Islam

    What would you do if your child wanted to marry a Muslim and convert?

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    One of my step daughters married British Muslim.
    She did not realize she would have to share him with other women. His approach to business was always a gambol. When she complained that the two beautiful children she bore him were in need he gave her two black eyes and a broken nose.

    Only then did she decide she had grounds for divorce.
    In spite of a court ruling for him to pay her child maintenance he did not. So she went back to work, secured an executive job that paid far more than her husband had ever earned and brought her children up almost by herself.

    My serious advice: purswade your daughter to find another man.

    She will be subjected to the insanity of the religion. She will have no say in her own affairs, her husband has the right to beat her for no reason. She will have virtually nothing to say as far as child rearing goes. Let him convert if he truly loves your child. Do whatever it takes to get her away from an ego maniac. Her life will end the day she converts. Not physically, but spiritually. This religion is evil.

    Take him/her on a vacation to Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Palestine, Indonesia, or just about any Muslim dominated area in the world, and let him/her see for him/herself how they live. If he or she feels the same way, after the vacation, you're going to have to let him/her make their own decision. But I think it would be worth the money and time, it's your child.


    you are the most wisdam girl i ever see!!!!!!!!u are the most so postive women i found its up to the person to find out what is write or wrong....
    Check out the Koran, for example:
    sura 4:34 Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them . Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them.
    Sura 24:30
    Sura 33:56
    It would be no different than her/him marrying a Christian. As you all believe in killing in the name of God!

    My daughter went through that last year. She was forced not to talk to us or see her. He abused her mentally and physically and went through all her money. She finally got away. It was so very difficult to not see your own daughter for an entire year. We prayed and held to our faiths. My husband is Christian and I am Wiccan. Together we held strong and now our family is together again and stronger than ever. I sincerely hope you and your child do not go through what we went through. Bright Blessings

    Well i'll have no objection. it's their freedom, like my parents have gave it me, i shall offer it to them. as long as they follow islam in a good way, not in an 'extremist' way. as long as they are not hating others or killing others, only loving and understanding, then why not? all religions lead to one god in the end. :)

    He is east & she is west,never the twain shall meet.

    My sister in law married one.It took her 20 years & 2 kids to get rid of the bastard.He left her disabled & almost broke.She worked 2 jobs even with her disability to re-establish herself but she did it.

    Great for her Job I mean even better she got away from the Butthead hope many other women doen't have to go thru the same thing she did.

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