Is king midas in the bible?

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    no he is in the shop fixing my muffler. i best have a lot of gold!'ve made it abundantly clear that you do not believe in the Bible.  Do you believe in spelling, grammar, punctuation, or sentence construction and phrasing?  I hope that you will go to school and learn at least a little, about one of the above topics.  After all, if you are opinionated, as you seem to be, it is very important to learn to express your opinions properly!  People will pay more attention to you.

    Why don't you read it for yourself. Then you can tell others what is in the Bible and what is not.

    No. I'm pretty sure that King Midas is just a Greek Myth. There is one king in the Bible who had more gold then all others, King Solomon. He is the Son of King David and Bathsheba. His story is very interesting, so is the story of King David and King Saul and many others. There have been some movies, but the movie directors/actors and so on seldom stay true to the original. And it's really unfortunate, because they are awesome stories that don't need to be altered to entertain and enlighten.


    Your correct Mitch. David and Bathsheba committed adulery, David had Bathshebas husband who was in the army of David sent to be killed in battle so he could carry on with Bathsheba. A bit of Biblical porn.

    but u know theres just as silly storys like that one hey Samson he had awesome strenght that came from his HAIR sounds like a Brothers Grim story ohhhh and ADAM and EVE hheee hheee theres the ARK hhaahhaaaaaa and some ark angel that caused a mutany while God was busy been adored any way hes now the devil there needs to be a rematch someone should have kicked that devils ass and that Mary the virgin story shhhhh shhhhhhh i have heard on the grape vine that the good old catholic church was in need a good draw card to stop there flock from wandering and came up with a add campain about jesus mum been a imacculate conception resipiant from God any way they all fell for it and Mary is selling like hot cakesas the ratings go jesus is still in front but if word gets out about Mary Magdulain ( u know that hooker he hang around with) mary might be in with a chance she just needs to do a few more apperances and change her manager because jesus has only one gig booked and i cant find out were i can get any tickets.Come on Mary get on the Oprah show or talk to ur agent unless oprah did a deal with he devil ?

    No. Midas is a Greek Myth. .He may be listed in ancient Greek writings, but not the book of the Hebrew people

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