how to get sexual excited again

    im a female of 36 yrs of age. i use to love having relations with my spouse but now ive tried everything i can think of to gain it back. Still nothing!! they have all this stuff for men. wheres the help for woman?

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    Where there anything beside you like to do together,or did you just get marry for sex,maybe you should give it a rest for will,until the urge come back,take up some other activity for a change ,if that don't might want to look for another dude,well maybe just to fire him up again.You know what I mean.

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    For many years my sex life was terrible.. We were having problems in our marriage and quite honestly I didnt like him. After things worked out I was too far out of the game to get back in it. I didnt feel sexy at all. I got myself together, hair, makeup, clothes... I have always had a rockin body.. So the job was half done when I started... When I felt good about myself.. My inner sexual deveant came out to play.. And she is still around.
    see a good OBGYN or Endocrinologist can also consult a psychotherapist.
    Female Viagra
    perhaps its not so much you rather your partner maybe not. i know their are several tools to help you on your quest. maybe you lost your self esteem. try to regain your enthuasm by acting like your a kid again and its your first date. i mean a nice dinner,wine and music..maybe that will help
    Seriously , it sounds like it's more of an emotional problem. I think you've been harboring some suppressed anger at your husb for some time. Are you mad at him b/c he doesn't help you with housework and the kids? Are turned off by him getting fat and not well groomed ? Are you angry at him for the way he spends money? are you angry at him for the way he sabotages your attempts to raise or disapline the kids ? Do you dislike him asking you to try some new things in bed ?
    use a lot of KY jelly ; or watch any George Clooney movie :-P
    fake it till you make it.

    Does that really work??

    no it does not work.

    @ Schubee Nope. Faking means you're not enjoying it to it's full intensity. It would leave you kind of hanging and feeling like it wasn't worth the effort.

    I feel like I shouldn't be here. ;-)


    In the middle of ladies talking...why am I getting a hot flash??
    Are you looking for a reason to leave him?

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