Do you guys believe on everything about the Bermuda Triangle Mystery ?

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    I think there is something really strange about that whole area. I think the government knows too. I saw that story about the planes and the boat in wwII and I got to tell ya I sent a shiver down my spine just watching it. Varon you right there is no reason they can't explore it, with today technology. Unless they already have and don't want to tell anyone what they found.

    Thank you Black for your comment and you could be right about the government knowing by now what's going on but are not telling. Thanks again!
    Wait 'til Eggplant sees this Q.
    It certainly is a lot of coincidences all in the same place & all somehow related.
    How many military planes was it that got lost there at the same time? That one is probably the most baffling.

    I know, I have been reading about those planes that disappeared back in WWII . Also boats. Very strange
    absouyly no more than girls

    At least is more of what I know. lol
    I've always been fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle. There are other places around the world where similiar things happen. I think one of them is near Japan. I can't remember the others.

    Interesting Eggy. I would like to find out the one you are talking about. I'll do some research to see what I can came up with. Thanks Eggy!
    I was fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle when I was a kid. Yes, I still believe it!
    I believe it has something to do with aliens. An ancient gateway or landing area that still retains some energy.

    You know, I do have some believe about that too. But why nobody has really try to get to the bottom of this issue? With today technology one will think it would be easy, don't you think?

    I think our government(s) know but they just don't want to tell us. Mass hysteria for the scared non believers and hysteria from those who follow a religion that tells them not to believe in aliens.

    I think you hit a cord right there.

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