In general, isn't it true that in the case of a bi-racial couple, the child tends to favor in ethnic appearance to the father than to the mother?

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    One of my (many cousins) has bright red hair,blue eyes, and freckles and his wife ( hispanic) has dark brown hair,brown eyes,and dark skin. They have a son and he looks just like my cousin. Some people who don't know them have a hard time believing she is the biological mom.

    I can't say yes or no to all bi-racial children. I can tell you that my white sister married a black man and their children's skin color favors their fathers though lighter in shade but their facial features favor their mother's. I'd say they favor both parents equally. Even their hair is a 50/50 mix. Not straight but not nappy more just curly. Now two of my brothers (and we are 100% white) when they were younger were able to grow afros because their hair was so tightly curled. They were blonds so it was funny to see blond afros on white boys. Their curly hair loosened as they grew older and went to loosely curly to wavy where they both are at now having wavy hair.
    Another answer; here in Australia (As in the U.S.) we are such a mish- mash of different races who could tell what our kids are going to look like.There are 5 different countries involved in my ancestorage & my wife is pretty much the same.
    My wife & myself are both blue eyed blondes & both of our daughters have dark hair & brown eyes,I would have been suspicious if they were'nt the spittin'image of me other than their colouring.LOL.(and if I didn't know my wife as well as I do).

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