how do ants survive in a microwave even while in use on high?

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    Put your cat in there see how that works out for ya!@!
    OMG! You're gunna fire up the PETA peeps with this.. Why be so technical?? Just stomp on 'em like everyone else... Cooking them with a magnifying glass is fun too! Sadist!!! :( LOL
    No way
    How could you even think of trying this out, seriously. ants are precious, smart animals to admire. I walk with my head down in the streets just because of accidentally stomping on one. or a snail. stop being cruel to animals just because you are bigger in size but not in the brain. :(

    I couldnt have said better myself

    :) it's sad to see people actually have nothing in their mind except destroying stuff.
    You have a lot of time on your hands okie
    If you understood the mechanics of microwaves and also the biology of ants then you would have your answer you ding dong.
    very lucky i guess

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