"Goddly man " foot.

    A married man makes out with his "ex-ish-type" person and paws at her like a wild animal... Then is countinuesly says he wants to be a Goddly man.... Why?????

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    Are you asking about someone in particular or is this a general statement?

    Maybe he is struggling with the issue since you put it as "Then is countinuesly says he wants to be a Goddly man."

    This could mean he's still trying?

    It is someone in particular... Why I get dragged into these things is beyond me... I am everyones go to sex therapist.... I dont think they were ever really an item.. But both wanted to be... I dont talk to her but he tells me everything. HE is very unhappy sexually in his marriage, but loves his wife... He gets worked up when this chick is around... But she has to be around... He wants to play....

    He needs to get back to his marriage and his wife and discuss his sexual problems with her. He has an issue with infidelity more than an issue with his sex life. That's probably what's causing the sex problems he has with his own wife. Tell him to grow up, be a man and not a dog looking for stray females and go be a lover to his wife. Tell him to woo her like he did when he was dating her and trying to get into her pants.

    i got him to take her on a criuse later this summer. She was a 35 yr old virgin when they got married. ANd she is scared of sex... I have talked to both of them about gels and toys. She has agreed to try gels but will not venture any farther than that.. I do feel for him. HE saved himself until he was 26... And he always thought the sex with his wife would be amazing.

    Has she sought sex counseling? She might need counseling of another kind too. She may have a secret she's not shared with him. Something that made her fear sex. I would suspect possible molestation as a child. That's something he might need to ask her. 35 year old virgin tells me she ran from sexual relationships for a reason other than keeping herself for marriage. lastly, maybe he's a lousy lover?

    BAHAHAHA.. I imagine he would be he is a grown man trapped in a little boys body.... She is EXTREMELY religous.. ANd thinks pre marrital sex is a sin. She waited until God sent her the man He want her to be with. She will not talk to anyone.. She talks to me because i am for some reason "safe". Not to mention I am very blunt and will just flat out ask.. "So how is your sex life". I think I am the only person she ever met who is comfortable with their sexualtiy. She will not see a councelor, only her pastor.. But wont talkj to him about sex. She has read loads of books about a Goddly sexuaul relationship.. but nothing has change. I just wish he would stop his behavior or be honest with himself one.

    So then her mind is trapped in "Puritan" sex and she probably doesn't allow herself to enjoy it. He needs to make a choice then, Does he love her enough to give up pleasurable sex for her? That's what this all really comes down to.

    Are you sure jen he is not looking for a "Sympathy Hump" or maybe he gets his jollies from talking to you about his terrible need for spectacular sex.

    I am sure if he thought he could have me he would try.. But he knows me and my hubby are tight. He is his Best friend. But he is like my little brother... I doubt the thought has crossed his mind. I am very direct and uninhibited.. Everyone talks to me about sex.. I dont judge... and I will give honest opinions and suggstions.. Idont think he gets anything sexual out of talking to me.
    Unload the wife, stop reading the book, it's not working. Pervert in disguise.
    Everyone has a weakness, for some it's food, others it's sex and if he's not getting any satisfaction??? I don't think that making mistakes, makes us less Christian. We all have our battles, but he should be working that out with his wife, not someone else.


    I dont think he is any less Christian.. I think he is a hypocrite... I says he was to be a Goddly man while actively and willfully trying to have a sexual relationship outside of his marriage.. I am not condemming him.. I just dont know why he is telling this girl and me that he wants to be a Goddly man.. It is sending all kinds of singals... HE does talk to his wife about thier issues... I am friends with both of them.. The yare at an impass whrn it comes to this problem.. I am the only one who knows about his "friend" and that is because I saw it. And confronted him.

    Oh, I didn't read that he was cheating on his wife. That's not good for anyone. Denying ones self is supposed to be part of a Christians life, if you just do what you feel like doing, what's the difference?

    He needs to stop cheating or trying for an extramarital affair and do what's right. Yes you have a great point...

    Bumping.. I want to hear from more of you on this one.
    What about Godly women? two way I've known a few good woman
    sneaking around the corner,where not living in a perfect world are we?

    Not his wife....

    Oh! are you telling me you have a hallo over your head?
    I know what your referring to, I've seen guys really mess-up,just the same this world is full of temptation,right.

    i have no halo... I am a huge flirt.. and a sinner... But his wife may actually have a halo.. She is pristene.. She saved herself for marriage and married at 35... I dont blame him for being tempted.. I AM... But I dont play games with ppl or talk out of both sides of my mouth.. I am striaght up and striaght out.

    Which I could say that about myself,but I try not get involve in other people marriatual affair.Sorry just
    couldn't see that halo threw my PC. I try to spell that word? I know it wrong.Hey were only dust in the wind,next time you get dust in your eye, wont you think of me.and not my spelling.LOL.

    It suppose to say wish and not which or which oh well you know my french.

    It's all good... and I am sure the dust is going to be flying tomorrow in 110 weather and little rain. You will be on my mind...:)

    Jenn don't forget[father day] your so sweet you might make me fall in love again? Well I better not,I'm to old for all this pain,I only love you from far away.Promise not to tell!!LOL.

    I have daddy day taken are of... And it is nice to be loved!!! XOXO But it is our little secret.
    He is trying to justify himself on his act, cheating, to you. I don't know the details about his sex life with his wife. But I suspect dissatisfaction comes from more of his fault than hers. Did he tell you how he tried to make their sex better? He must be bad in bed, either selfish or unskilled. And he cannot blame his cheating on his wife no matter what. Tell him to be a MAN!

    Read the convo I had with Colleen on this thread.. there is alot of relevent detail there. But i would like to hear what you think after you read it.

    Hey I am waiting to hear from you.. Dont keep a girl waiting it is rude.. XOXOXO

    I just got back home from our neighbor's party, sorry, I wouldn't dare have a girl like you wait on me! ;-)

    I don't know there isn't enough info to judge what their real situation is. You never know about couple's sex life, they are the ones who know. But it seems like the wife has psychological problems about sex and the husband is at a loss.

    I hope you had fun at the party!!! Wish I was there. I feel the same way you do about way he is acting out. ... And what exactly it " a girl like me" ... how do you see me???? ;)

    LOL, you are a flirt, I can see that for sure! And I think it's cute! I hope I can see how you look like also. ;-)

    Yes I am a huge flirt.. I would not be me if I weren't

    How's your father, Jenn? Give lots of love to him, it's Father's Day!

    We went to see him today.. He is not doing good...He didnt want us to leave.. It is heart breaking.. He is so weak yet so strong.. I am so so lucky to have had him in my life.
    is that like goody two shoes. if so the shoes on the wrong foot

    YES!!! I am saved.. but I am a sinner.. I dont hide from who i am.. And I dont wallow in self rightous pity either.. It irritates the mess out of me. If he wants to be Goddly stop being a whore.. If he wants to play stop being a pussy.... lol

    if only his wife knew what kind of hpricrasity he soes!
    which god? satan or God in heaven?

    The Lord God... As in the alfa and the omega... the Begining and the End

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