Have Something You Need To Get Off Your Chest...Any Confession?

    Tell somebody about something that's been bothering you and you've been thinking about a lot.

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    To rob a bank and get away with it...

    Why? You have more money than most banks today.

    This was something I needed to get off my chest, I did. I feel better... lol!
    I beat the crap out of a guy I got into a car accident with, this was in high school, he was driving the wrong way thorough the parking lot and the back plastic window of my convertible was fogged up. Well, he kept yelling and cussing at me and I warned him to stop several times, but he wouldn't.

    So finally I started kicking dents in his car and pounding the hood denting that also, I warned him not to get out of the car but he did and I proceeded to beat the crap out of him. I began to pull my punches because I realized what I was doing half way through the beating, but I always felt terrible about the whole situation. I just lost my temper and he wasn't the most formidable opponent.

    I did warn him several times though... This must have been a time when I was doing a cycle of steroids. Kids don't do steroids, you'll always regret it... I still feel bad about it to this day!!!

    I guess both of you look like a train your even. LoL!!!

    Congratulations, over 40,000!

    Thanks, it's so much easier to get high scores now that we get so many votes though... I have a lot of good online friends like you.
    The only thing I have on my chest? is hair,oh sorry you mean confession,I don't tell my secret to nobody,I once believe in confession,that when I was a catholic,which I no longer am,so take it from here.LOL.

    hair it is and hair it will be... :-)

    You like that hey?

    it is what it is :-)

    Are you telling me,you don't like hairy men?

    Now be careful remember your confession .

    My confession is just a thought. BTW, when did I say I did not like hairy men?

    I just want you to say it,I always new I could get you,
    Not sure what BTW. mean,You know us dumb french men.

    Did you get a good laugh,I did.LOL.

    hehehe...hahaha...I knew I could get you too. That was a good laugh. "BTW" means (By The Way).

    Oh! BTW ,I like,Your nothing short to amaze me,I think if we had more people like you (IamPamela).this old world of our,would much better,I

    You are a cool guy, need more like you. We had a great dialogue and it was fun, and I appreciate it. Must do it again...
    And they say there is no sense of humour on this site .. LOL.

    who would think of such a thing...
    i stole a girls heart and wont give it back,but shes got my love in exchange..

    Aww my teeth hurt!

    @daren1 - Fair exchange...
    I dont have secrets I have covinced myself all my lies are true... LOL

    be true to yourself...
    I confess. Please help me. I am supposed to be humble and you just wont believe what I did this morning. Ok here I go. I looked in the mirror and wait for it. I thougt wow what a fantatic body. OK I said it. Will you all forgive me

    You are forgiven...Feel better!

    I need to be forgiven or that.. Dang I am in trouble.. Ihave that thought every morning.
    Still dealing with how to get rid of ladies around me... ;-)

    being popular has it benefits...
    No, I'm a 'goody two shoes'.

    at least we know your feet are happy!

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