AKAQA? What do you think of this website?

    Do you like this website? Are there enough users on here? What do you think of akaqa? Why or why not?

    When did this website start? it doesnt even have a wikipedia page!

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    I don't like the way the comments are not in the order they were posted.

    I have a problem with this too, Randy.



    Improvement is on the way.
    I recently received an email from akaQA, they are working on a new interface that will encourage votes on questions and answers. This will close the racist and outlandish question and encourage up votes for good informative answers and down votes for ridiculous answers. I hope this clarifies some concerns.


    <a href="/users/99/raider8763/">@Raider8763</a> - Good looking out!!!


    Thank you soooo much Raider, YOU'RE THE MAN !!!!!


    Raider, do you see what has gotten on this site now? They are just making a mockery of this site.

    ole hipster

    Raider, you are too cool! (:


    I thought that's what we were supposed to do all along. But, the first time I voted some comments thumbs down, I got into trouble.

    In my opinion, akaQa is a site for communication with other people. There is ridiculous, outlandish questions, racist questions, intelligent questions. People are here voicing their opinions. Right, wrong, or indifference.


    Perfect answer............

    Some answers you get are very informative and some are really just plain stupid and then we got the comedians that everythings a joke.


    Some answers you get are very informative and some are really just plain stupid and then we got the comedians that think everythings a joke.

    Well, after 5 1/2 years, I'm still checking in and contributing Q and A. Against some stiff adversity, I'm getting closer to 900,000 points, a symbol of appreciation for my input. 

    While some very good members are just memories,  the ones still here are devoted and reliable. Those traits aren't easy to find. 


    I don't what the hell this place is, I fell in here a couple months ago and can't get out.. people keep dropping dumb questions on our heads, fortunately, there's other inmates here with thicker skulls than mine so we share the burden.

    Haha. It's kinda scary. Here, sit by me. If we hold hands, our typing will look funny and they'll think we're nuts.

    I don't mind them thinking we're 'nuts' as long as they aren't squirrels. That could be a problem.

    haha . Well put, Vinny, as always.

    i like it.........for some reason!


    When I come here I get my mind off me and that's a good thing! I'm addicted to it.

    I have just noticed that I am approaching 65,000 Karma points so I must like it.

    I saw this big blue button on the middle of my screen inviting me to ask a question a few months ago.By some strange coincidence I had a question to ask so I thought why not.The rest is history.

    yeah I like it.Talk to some nice people & get to sound off at a few idiots too.

    BTW.Who cares about a wikipedia page?

    It's fun and I've learned a lot and have imparted some knowlege. It's someone to talk to and something to do when you're lonely .

    I like it some questions are a bit silly but thats only my opinion

    I like this site and found it somewhat addictive. The people on here are diverse, from all over, all different ages and nationalities with many different opinions. Makes the world go round and is a cure for boredom and for letting off steam. Getting different answers to ones questions can be immensely helpful if you have a problem as we all think somewhat differently and it's nice to have a place to share your thoughts. Thumbs up for akaqa! Any new changes/implementations will be appreciated I'm sure!


    I'm addicted to it too. And it keeps me from doing my chores. Well, you only go around once .

    ....Yippy !

    If you are looking for a site for clever and intellectual people, then look no further, the members here are all akademics. 

    terryfossil 1

    Nicely put Westy..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I actually joined in late 2011 and am still here,,i guess that about answers the for wikipedia,,who cares.????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Maybe the amount of questions posted should be limited each day and and how often.

    I will remind them. That is something I suggested a couple of weeks ago and I was told it would be put on the list. I'll see if they've had a chance to check into it.

    Reminder sent.
    Headless Man

    Is there any editing and deleting going on now?

    I'll see if I can find out where they are with that.
    404 errors are back.

    If your talking about error codes when you click to view a topic, those come from the original poster of the question getting suspended. Once suspended, all posts and comments made by them disappear.
    Headless Man

    On the red dot. Comes and go's.
    I stumbled upon this site and love it! Just wished there were more questions filling the place.

    your sister,
    Having all kinds of problems this morning, red dot won't open, can't edit comments, or leave comments.

    Are others having problems?
    ole hipster

    No problems here Randy though don't see the red dot today...I don't edit comments so don't really know about that either..(:
    Headless Man

    Seemed to correct it's self, may been my hot spot connection.

    What red dot ?

    Ony if we could keep teeny-boppers out.


    no can do
    When I first arrived here I thought it was a "church area" People were talking religion. I knew it wasn't the place for me. However, I stayed on because a few fun questions came up and then I realized it wasn't all religion and I could talk about my favorite kind of pie or my grandaughter's behavior of knocking down chairs. I'm glad we're all here cuz we're not all there. ; )

    Oh yeah ! I remember that .....the question about your gr.daughter knocking down chairs!
    I think that was printed when I first came on here---back in Feb or March of 2011.

    Doing pretty well so far.

    terryfossil 1

    Hang around awhile and you will get to meet a few of the clan,,we are all individual people from around the world..we are all kinky and gooky,a bit like the Adams Family..but in a nice way..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..i am one of the Aussies here..where are you from.?????..

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