why do cats lift their paw when asking for food? Is it "begging"?

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    Well yes, how else are they going to get our attention? Sweet little beggers they are. This is how they plead with us to please feed their empty little tummies.

    Thank you for your reply. Their "little tummies" are growing too round, however, in response to their constant requests for treats on top of regular cat food! It must be an instinct and I wonder how it initially developed in cats in the wild?

    I am sure that this is a learned gesture from dealing with their people parents. Just as dogs have learned to talk with barks, which they do not do in the wild only with Mommies and Daddies and the rest of their human packs.
    One of our cats sits up like a bear when we pass the food bowl on the dryer... She wants us to place her by the food.. But she can get up there.. .She just wants the special attention...

    Thank you for answering my question. Perhaps your cat believes that the "special attention" is just part of the feeding routine. It's amazing how they have us trained! My female is now too round to sit up like a bear anymore, so she just does the paw lift maneuver.

    Jenn, I also had a cat that would sit like a bear, it is a learned gesture too, to say pick me up. They are cleaver rascals when they learn to do these things and we also learn what they mean.

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