Would you buy an electric car?

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    What price would you pay for it?

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    I wouldn't mind it if they weren't so butt ugly and that the liberals have peed on it marking it as their own. (prius) I wish they would get away from that ugly look that has trademarked and stereotyped it as a car for the left. It shows that socialism mentality. Here in Silicon valley there are thousands of them, you can see them all lined up of the car-pool lanes going 55 saving the earth and getting in everyone's way.

    Electric the way of the future?? I don't think so since the future is tomorrow or 500+ years from tomorrow. I believe that clean energy is the thing of the future but electric is not it due to its byproducts. (Batteries and disposal) There will be something, I'd like to be the one that comes up with it. I am too much of a traditionalist and a conservative to be seen in a prius-- Maybe a Tesla or even a little Volt by Chevy. Right now I drive a HEMI Magnum and a Corvette. Both 8 cylinders and hard on gas but one thing i can say about them, that they are a hell of a lot more fun than those Priuses.. And I love the power and hearing all those fire breathing horses come to life when you open it up.. Nothing like it.. It's worth the 5 bucks to me.. (although its killing me in the wallet)


    Mines only a four cylinder and i can hardly get up Wimbledon hill ,oh to have your money Vinny,

    What you talking about my money?? I'm just a transfer station- It passes through me like poop through a goose. :)

    This post was from 3 years ago, today we have the Tesla, this is one beautiful car! It has 'lines'. doesn't look like an egg. Great styling -- A little pricy at about 90k.

    i have heard of a tesla,who is it made by sounds italian,and for 90 grand should be some car,nearly as good as a a hand built Morgan you have to put your name on a waiting list for,

    I drive by the Tesla factory on my commute. The streets in San Francisco Bay area has many of these cars. (Type S) They are really nice but they have had some growing pains, sometimes they catch fire and burn to the ground, I think there have been six that have caught fire. ironically, not here in the Bay area, all have been in other states. We have hundreds of them zipping around here.


    With gasoline here at 1.92 a gallon , no.

    No I do not think that I would at the moment. First I cannot afford it and I am still paying payments on my truck. So I guess I will stick with my truck.

    Yes I would and will but not until price comes way down

    I would if I could afford it.But I Guess I'll have to wait till I get some cash.

    no, it would limit my driving long distances especially on vacation. Since airlines are overcrowded and many charge for luggage I can go by car and not worry about the weather, etc.

    If you live in the countryside like me the answer is no. Lack of charging points and batteries expensive to replace. Better to wait for hydrogen powered vehicles. This may be the future for the car industry.

    This is what I think of those charging stations that have taken over the handicap parking. I can not believe that this state put more attention and concern on electric cars that they would eliminate parking for a handicapped person and give it to some young healthy that has an electric car.   so, I show my appreciation by parking my gas guzzling HEMI right on their docking station.


    I heard of someone whp toured Europe in a Tesla. In the 3 years sice this question was posted many more charging points have opened so electric cars are more viable.I would love a Tesla if it were not for the price and the size of the vehicle.


    I rely on mass transit systems but given a choice I would buy an electric vehicle. This is the wave of the future.

    It would depend on how long the cord was.Australia is a pretty big country.

    no but i would buy an electric guitar

    I don't think so, at least, not at the current time. Like most innovations, it's usually wise to let others get the bugs out of them first.

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