How Do You Feel About Public Displays Of Affection In The Workplace?

    Two people from my floor have started dating and when I see them downstairs they are always making out!
    Should they keep their personal life out of the workplace or is it ok for them to behave that way?

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    No way. Not allowed if I am the owner or boss. I would expect my employees to distinguish between work and private matters, to be professional. Who would like two employees making out at the workplace while they should do the work they get paid for?
    The work place is no place to behave like teenagers in heat. It's immature and inappropriate behavior. Go apple bobing in the car at lunchtime.
    may be its all fun and games ,lovey dovey is nice, but "pda" should be kept to a minamium,what happens when things go south ,does any one really want to see the ugly side of a relationship in the work place or any whear else
    I'm starting to worry about you guys. A simple question, so many varying responses, and so much hostility. Play nice.

    should be treasured and private.

    Get a room..........

    As my sheep and cow say:  EEwwww gheeta rooomm

    Tell them to go get a room that is not the place.

    I don't think it's right.They get paid to work.Next thing you know someone will find them on a desk in an empty office.

    papa peg

    I see it was okay for Billy Boy Clinton.He was working and married when he just had to have a break.A Monica break.
    papa peg

    I am wise it says public displays of affection in the workplace.Where was Bill Clinton on the river bank.I answered the question.So what's the problem.If i'm so dumb.Why doe's everyone want to wait till September to boycott gas.I would do it know when prices are still pretty low.Not when there $7.00 GALLON.This will be the last time we talk.GOD BLESS YOU.

    hi guys, not hard really,,a boss does not pay you to swap spit at work,,get emotional at work,, get amorous at work, get romantic,,, but he does pay you to WORK

    There is a few young ladies at work who I could stand showing me affection anywhere


    Keep an eye on any future goings on,and report back,with any details,

    hi .  you okay


    This is not an answer to this question.

    WHO ME?

    Chain, you can't see that Pythonlover commented directly to belkacem?

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