"War, what is it good for?"

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    Absolutely nothing....


    Listen to me...Say it again...Uh huh! Right with you Jenn. Ha ha


    They don't write 'em like that anymore OH!

    ole hipster

    It heartens me to know you all remember the oldies but moldies!

    I definitely do not support war of any kind however, if there is a bully on the corner that doesn't believe in your anti-war stance and continues to punch you in the face, how long before you decide to punch him back?? what you gunna do?? sue him??

    War is bad but if a war is needed to protect me and my family against the overtaking of my country and its people then i support it.

    when you say, 'what is war good for' You go to the military cemetery of your choice and ask that question to the many thousands that died for your freedom to express yourself with this very question, think about this-- (assuming you are USA) What if in ww2 we did nothing, Japan and Germany was destined to split the booty here in the USA, Hitler wanted to bomb new York just for starters, Japan bombed pear harbor and sent many 'balloon bombs' to USA in attempt to kill civilians.. (they succeeded in killing 7 in Oregon, a pastor and his family) If we didn't bring ourselves into that war we would all be speaking Japanese and German today.. we would not have the freedom we stand on today.. Some of you people gotta look at the facts of life and come to the realization that you are setting us up for occupation if not death by warmongers that do not think like you think, we must protect ourselves, we must make sacrifices and we must go to war when called upon to keep our freedom.. Live in your utopia world of white gowns and veggies and no evil and you will be overtaken and end-up in a furnace as fossil fuel..

    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING !!!! I agree with Edwin Starr,now THAT'S old school.


    Hope these kids appreciate our music ghost!


    Keeping busy and looking forward to the weekend!


    Man it's nothing like that old school my friend. How have you been doing my friend?

    Animals populations are kept down by predators, man no longer has natural predators, saved man-kind itself. When populations reach a particular zenith, which cannot be supported, hunger, depravation, sickness, unrest, chaos, then greed, the have and have nots, the rich and poor. Then rebellion and dictators, to become the predators turning nations against nations people against people who mindlessly kill each other on command. Thus thinning the population, once again, things then settle down to begin over again, till the next zenith. Its nature's way of dealing with man. Heh . . heh . . . much like the Lemmings running over the cliff into the sea only to drown. This is nature's way.

    War is good for a slow growing economy. It provides government with the permission to spend money and the demand for goods & services that previously didn't exists. Speeding up the growth of the economy expotentially.


    While that might have been the right answer when the GNP was relatively small, it no longer makes sense because our GNP is so large that it would be almost impossible to make enough munitions and weapons to jumpstart the economy. I use both Afghanistan and Iraq as proof that wars are no longer grand enough to help the largest economy in the world. If it were, we never would have gone through the severe recession once Iraq started.


    Then you are either supporting or ignoring the mayhem, the murdering, and death, for the sake of averious and greed. Though all these things needs must be in "this" world or realm, Godly, men do not applaud such horror, only the merchants of such coming from the dark side applaud; demons that look like men, applaud for the profit's made on the blood of the innocent. :-(
    War taught me to avoid war. To run from advocates of war and to do anything necessary to get away from waring people. When rummers of war start...I'm looking for a place to get far far away, safe and out of sight.
    war has no purpose other than population control
    You get some Karma for that one "wave",could'nt have said it better.WAR ON GANGBANGERS

    that be a question for Edwin Starr

    War is good for medical research. Unfortunately when militaries fight, medical techniques improve because there are so many veterans to experiment on. Had it not been for battle field medicine, it would have taken much longer to discover that the treatments in use during the 18th through 20th centuries were not only ineffective, but dangerous. For example the British idea of giving tea to soldiers with gut shots, in order to calm them down. They did this well into the Korean War until US doctors finally convinced the British military staff to put out a general order to stop the practice.

    Today, our own wounded veterans are getting some of the best care mankind has ever seen. ATH's (Air Transportable Hospitals) are battle tested and fewer soldiers are dying. But many more are living with terrible injuries that will take years to recover or adapt too. So while I hate war, I must point out that out of the worst smelling stuff, come the prettiest flowers. Maybe some day our current wars will provide the sweet smelling beautiful aroma that makes this world the jewel of the universe once again.

    we need a war on gang-bangers.their ruining our cities
    Getting rid of some of the world's population.
    Good for keeping freedom.
    Edwin Starr song WAR!! and Barry McGuire's sang the eve of destruction!!!I grow up during the 60's remember a lot of the crazy stuff the riots one I think it was the Chicago pig convention.
    happened around 1967 or 1968 remember when the Detroit riots happened in 1967 and when crazy Charles Manson ordered the murders.
    of Sharon Tate here husband the people with her then some more over a few day in august 1969 and remember all the good man who died over in NAM many where just 18 19 years old! (VETS) thank you for fighting for freedom from WORLD WAR 2 to today!! May (GOD) protect our Boys on the battlefields. today and until they come home.!!!
    why not put lifers in prison in warzones?

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