Has anyone been to a fortune teller ?

    If so were they accurate

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    Many years ago this old woman read the palms of my hand and it turned out pretty accurate. When I first entered her Livingroom I was so schocked to see how she was living. She had terrible Arthritis in both hands and and they were closed into fists and could no longer use her fingers. She did not charge money. But she accepted Donations that went to the Catholic Church. She herself lived in terrible conditions and refused any kind of help.I offered, but she politly declined. It was almost as if she was punishing herself for something that happend in her life.
    One time, she told me I would have unimaginable wealth at the age of sixty. I'm waiting, she lied. Got a parking ticket while she was lying to me. Cost me money.

    perhaps she's in cahots with the local police agency
    no its pure nonscence, how come we dont see head lines "fortune teller wins magabucks"
    I've been to a couple fortune tellers at carnivals and fairs when younger....always thought they were a bunch of bunk....though I did have a friend a long time ago who read tarot cards and did the I Ching thing those were rather interesting answers from her as she sticks in my head to this day...she claimed to be a "white witch". I believe though that she was taking too many psychedelics (sp?) at that time! LOL
    I don't believe in "fortune tellers" however I do believe that there are people who can feel spiritual things about other people. I don't believe in predictions etc...

    My sister goes all the time palm reading and all sort or stuff. She said that this woman was the best medium she ever went to She said she new things that would have blown me away but I wasn't with her so I can say.

    dont waiste your time its black magic even satan can see into the near future
    thats the work of the devil. no one knows your future. they tell you what you want to hear. love, money, notoriety, etc.

    im a seventh day adventist, we dont believe in disturbing the dead. the spirit goes back to God to await judgement day. the dead know nothing. but, i do agree that there are things in this world that we know nothing about and surely dont understand.
    I know your future!not to far away your going to turn into a mud pie.

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