Medical question about house cat who has fleas,can you use frontline on a cat with irrtated neck from scrathing so much

    cat has fleas ,he's been to vet,said to use frontline on him,can't seem to get his neck to heal,putting topical spray on it that i got from the vet.

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    You can bathe her with Dawn blue Dishdetergent. It kills the fleas. Make sure you do Neck area first and work your way down. Use washcloth w. Dawn and carefully wipe face and ears and rinse. Make sure it does not get in eyes. It will kill fleas and wont hurt irritated skin.I dont like using Chemicals on my animals
    Ms Sinclair

    It's not easy bathing a cat though.

    That is true. But you Can use a 2- 3 gallon Bucket and put in Hindlegs first. They will stand up against the sides, but wont be able to get out.
    Just to be sure I would check with the vet. I have heard that frontline plus is the best and after reading about it I would assume yes, you can put it on anytime. I think the sooner you start to use it the sooner he will stop scratching. Can you wrap something around his neck to help with the scratching so it doesn't get any worse or infected?
    Be sure not to get the Frontline on any of the irritated skin, put it further down between the cats shoulders and down the spine.
    I would be very very careful in anything you put on as this could make it worse I would definately speak to your vet if the vet says you cant put anything on and you have to wait for the irration to clear up I would use a flee comb and spray your house as this where they will be breeding mainly under radiators in your sofas and at the edge of the rooms but if you use a comb at least this will give a little comfort to your Cat good luck
    well, if the very middle of his neck isn't scratched up, you could put Frontline there. If you can't , then spray his / her sleeping quarters and your carpet and furniture with that flea spray that has Permenthirin in it. It's also called lice spray. Works for me ---to keep fleas away.
    You are not supposed to put any type of flea meds on broken or irritated skin. I myself do not like frontline. I like Advantaix II for cats.

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