Squeaky water faucets

    How do you fix squeaky water faucets?

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    Turn off the shut-off valve. Most shut-off valves are located under the sink. If there is no valve under the sink, turn off the water to the house at the main shut-off valve.

    Turn on the faucet to remove the remaining water so water doesn't shoot out when you start the repair. Shut the sink stopper.

    Remove the part of the handle you turn with your hand. Most of the time these handles can be removed by hand. If not, protect the surface of the handle with a cloth before using a wrench to unscrew it. Place the parts you remove on a towel so you don't lose them.

    Unscrew the screw that holds the inner parts of the handle together. The screw may be hidden or on an angle on the side of the handle.

    Remove the inner parts of the handle and place them on the towel. Don't work over the sink or you could lose a screw or important part down the drain, even with the sink stopper in place.

    Locate the rubber washer and inspect it. Check for rips, cracks or dryness. If the rubber washer is damaged, remove it and take it with you to the hardware store to get a replacement. If the rubber washer is intact, lubricate it with petroleum jelly or plumbers jelly. Plumbers jelly is preferred because it isn't water soluble and will last longer. Make sure you lubricate the washer all the way round.

    Assemble the parts and put them back in the receptacle for the handle. Check the sink at the stopper to make sure no parts have fallen into the sink. Replace the handle and tighten all screws, taking care not to mar the surface of the handle. Turn the water back on at the shut off valve and turn on the faucet handle to make sure the squeaks are gone.

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