What good American beer was there from the end of prohibition to the late 1970s?

    How many breweries were there between the end of prohibition and world war 2 and the late 1970s when Americans were allowed to homebrew from a bill signed by Jimmy Carter? Was there any good quality craft flavorful American beer during that time or was all of it watery piss like Budweiser and Coors? What did American beer taste like and did it change much at all? Has it gotten more bland than it used to be? Whats happening to the beer industry in America? Is it good or bad and why?

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    Most American beers are a lager which is really a watered down version of a lager, that includes bud, Coors etc. Since the Micro brewery boom, there have been many more choices available for the average American. Most American beer is watered down and tasteless compared the the worlds variety of beer.

    The beer industry here is similar to what we do with cars, make it fast make it good, make an assembly line and pump out as much beer as possible. It's not great, but it's beer....... Mr beer has a pretty easy home kit it only takes about two weeks and you have a stronger alcohol content and much better tasting beer than you can find at the grocery store. Once you've had fresh beer you may never go back to store bought, I highly recommend it.

    There are also home brew beer stores, where you can choose your own ingredients, and develop your own beer, maybe you can be the next Samuel Adams?

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