Elizabeth Taylor's funeral

    what is the one thing you will always remember about Elizabeth Taylor?

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    strong text Her Aids Charity, her Talent an her Beauty!

    Not really how many times she was married, but more so her in the movie,"Cleopatra." It was a great performance. I didn't even know she passed.



    I'm too lazy to google right now (I know, surprise right?, lol) but I believe she was married 9 times. 2 of those times to Richard Burton.



    Sorry leeroy, I read your comment wrong. I read it as "Not really [sure] how many times she was married"




    I did end up checking and she was married 8 times. Larry King ties her with 8 marriages. He can still beat the record though as his marriages don't last long. Larry: "I never lived with a woman [without being married to her]." " my opinion, I've been in love three times in my life." 3 times out of 8 marriages. Hmmm

    Zsa Zsa Gabor has them both beat with nine marriages.


    Holy marriages Batman, that must be close to a record, at least for celebrities. Wow, thanks Col.

    Tits (sorry, she was very very beautiful)

    I will remember her for being the gracious, behind the scenes supporter of many causes for the betterment of human kind. I will remember her for her screen presence, her stunning looks and gorgeous violet eyes. I will remember her for not becoming a self absorbed Hollywood glamor queen and for her kindness that she showed everyone. She had every right to become a bitter person for all the chastising of her the world did over her many marriage but she didn't. She even handled that with grace and style. She beat many health adversities and came out smiling. She was a remarkable woman. I will miss her presence in this world the same as I still miss Princess Diana's presence. Both were true humanitarians and had a genuine love for people. We don't have enough of those. (Had trouble picking just one thing as you can see).

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