is the average person smart enough to understand physics? i saw an interesting question and only one person spoke of physics.

    i can't get back to the question because i went to the physics sites. couldn't understand it. it might tell us what was here before the beginning.

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    well, don't expect average people here to answer a physics question, especially as hard as that..even most physicists don't know the answer, and when they don't know about something beyond their understanding, that's why we'll always poke god for everything until we discover it in time...

    Ask and you shall be given.
    The idea that the universe erupted with a Big Bang explosion has been a big barrier in scientific attempts to understand the origin of our expanding universe, although the Big Bang long has been considered by physicists to be the best model. As described by Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, the origin of the Big Bang is a mathematically nonsensical state -- a "singularity" of zero volume that nevertheless contained infinite density and infinitely large energy.

    Now, however, Bojowald and other physicists at Penn State are exploring territory unknown even to Einstein -- the time before the Big Bang -- using a mathematical time machine called Loop Quantum Gravity. This theory, which combines Einstein's Theory of General Relativity with equations of quantum physics that did not exist in Einstein's day, is the first mathematical description to systematically establish the existence of the Big Bounce and to deduce properties of the earlier universe from which our own may have sprung. For scientists, the Big Bounce opens a crack in the barrier that was the Big Bang.

    Big Bang Theory Saved (Oct. 27, 2006) — An apparent discrepancy in the Big Bang theory of the universe's evolution has been reconciled by astrophysicists examining the movement of gases in stars

    I dont understand it, but it looks like a good answer.
    i am not happy with my question. it doesn't make sense. i want to find the original question. colleen was the the other person who had a different answer from the herd. there were about 8 people who answered.
    now i'm making the confusion even worse. @@ <--see my eyes are all dizzy at the thought of it
    I think most people can understand physics if it is taught by a good teacher or explained in moderate language, not getting to technical.

    Where did the original matter come from before the Big Bang?
    [Jun 7, 2011] That's a different question, and the big bang works no matter ... one that said "no matter before the Big Bang ... the big bang as the origin of everything, but the big bang ... ~ by Lucy ( 14 comments ) - Cached
    Could matter have always existed? - Yahoo! Answers
    Science & Mathematics > Physics > Open Question ... time did not exist before Big Bang (most probably), the real question becomes "Was matter ... However, the origin of the ...

    I think this may help you find the question you were looking for? Hope this helps...
    You can go ask Stephen Hawkings and he might not give you a satisfying answer for that question of what was there 'before'...

    YOU gave me a satisfying answer, double helix. who needs stephen Hawkings.

    What I know about physics, is what you know about building a 3,000 HP engine. NOTHING.
    Understanding physics calls for a very simple mind to grasp concepts that are so simple that their application is universal in its scope. The simplest of things requires a physicist to strip away everything that complicates an event to the smallest and least complicated observable effect. Therein lies the essential nature of everything that has a similar cause and effect relationship. Schr?dinger was in his lab and I was asked to come in and help as I have a unique talent. He had discovered that if you make an electron wiggle in its orbit that it will produce a photon of light that is as well measurable. The problem I was asked to address was what to name Schr?dinger’s wiggle. Schr?dinger said he wanted a name for this so he could win the Nobel Prize in physics. But he didn’t think such a name would bring anything but laughs. I understood enough of quantum physics to know the general subject had to do with particles and effects. So I suggested quantum wiggle but that was still weak so we went over the the effect again to better understand what was happening Quantum kick was closer and the term Quantum leap soon followed and was acceptable.
    The vastness of the universe contains very simple rules regarding matter and from that increasingly complex patterns emerge and comprise all we know of the matter, energy, space and time universe. That here among the stars are worlds that harbor life in complex forms and that life may someday reach back in time to the very beginning and know the mind of God has always been the quest of science. Along the way we found facts that demonstrated the workings of our own minds that was so profound that the separation of church and science became inevitable and understandable on both sides. But for most scientist today, such a rift need not exist.

    I should stick to questions like "What's your favorite ice cream flavor?"

    but thank you!
    eggplant! who knew?! I'm impressed. (or did you ... did you ... look it up?)
    Take a quantum physics class and find out. I am not normal.

    You type normal.Why aren't you?
    which question was that?

    everybody answered "god" and i believe the question was "in the beginning what came before the darkness." the answer MIGHT lie in physics one person suggested that.
    my brother is a physicist. i could ask him but i wouldn't understand.

    i am not saying it isn't god. i'm suggesting that some of us might find more ideas.

    I am average and I don't know diddly or understand anything about physics.  Well, may be except I grasp that, with women and sex, every action, there's an opposite and equal (maybe more) reaction.

    John Lennon has your answer in Imagine.

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