Have you ever stolen something? If so, what?

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    At age 11 I stole our complaining old neighbors false teeth and glasses while he was sleeping on his porch. I put them back in the cats litter box when he replaced them.

    no but when my son was much younger he went shoplifting with some of his friends ,i hit the roof!!!!!!!and i took him back to the shop to apologise,i detest thieves

    When I was too young to wear makeup( according to my parents) I went with my boyfriend and stole a bunch of makeup.I was never caught in the store but karma rolled past a few years later. I had thrown a party and all my makeup was stolen from me.Good lesson tho have young!


    Yes,when I was 8 years old I went into a small store and stole a small metal car to impress my friends. As soon as I got home my brother went straight to my mother and told. She put me in the car and took me right to the store manager and made me confess. I haven't stolen anything since, at least not on purpose.


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