why were blacks counted as three fifths of a person ?

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    I think you are 1/5 of a person, bird brain.

    I don't get it????
    Is he talking about slavery?

    I don't know. I think he's a bird-brain
    Hopefully the question is not intended to insight. But I seem to recall that at one time (Eighteen hundreds) blacks were considered three fifths of a person. It had to do with the right to vote, if my memory serves me right. Perhaps someone has real information on this question. Definitely an ugly period in our country.

    This question may appear to be offensive but it is historically legitimate. I'm not familiar with the details but it dates back ti the 18th century. Gotta go.
    By whom are they so counted?
    ed shank

    It was a ploy to prevent blacks from the right to vote in the 18th or 19th century. Blacks at one time outnumbered whites in this country in certain areas.

    Well you learn somsthing every day, thanks ed shank.

    If it wasn`t for the diabolical slave trade the good old USA would have been down the gurgler in those times.

    Thankfully it is a thing of the past and should stay there, in the past.
    ed shank

    There would be no America as we know it today were it not for slavery. The country was built on the back of blacks.

    Not sure if I quite get your drift ed shank. One side of me thinks you were in favour of slavery as necessity of the times the others side you agree with my comments.
    I hope my first assumtion is 100% wrong.

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