Dear Lord God.. It is raining!!!!!

    It has been over 100 for 3 weeks or better.. With out a drop of rain.... It is pouring outside.. Now I am scared of a tornado... Does the news about tornados and other natural disasters have you think about the danger storms can bring..

    Well fart it quit 10 min after it started... I am greatful for what we got... BOOOOO

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    its so dry here i caught a cat fish out of my pond that had a sun burn

    I am in GA .. You?

    north al.

    I feel your pain.. Sorry!

    i will find out fri. night if my 3 acres of corn survived down on the farm
    Yes, we've had a couple of tornado warnings this Summer already. One of them actually had a touchdown and knocked down two trucks in a rest area on highway. Be might come to you...........LOL

    We have had 3 deaths in our county from Tornados.... But i have always loved bad weather.. It sticks that it is stressfull to me know.. I just want to sit back and enjoy the show.
    I live in an area where tornadoes are rare. But the rain has been nonstop. With the exception of perhaps two weeks this year, it has rained every day. Very unusual.

    I used to live in PA. Freeland to be exact. I love PA. My youngest daughter and her husband live in Emmaus, PA. All my Exs familie live in PA. also and they are wonderful people.
    ed shank

    I'm originally from a real bad town in NJ. PA is great, don't have any crime here where I live. You never see police. The people are so friendly. I can make all the noise I want on my secluded property.
    I can't understand all this talk about tornado's, why don't you move to a safer state?

    If everyone moved from states prone to tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or earthquakes, we'd all live in Canada.
    Lived in Texas for three years and was frighened every day of it for fear of being hit by a tornado, only one hit nearby. Lived in Florida for 3 years and was frightened of the hurricanes and tornadoes, went through 3 hurricanes and one tornado near by.

    Now that I'm back in God's country (New Hampshire) we usually only worry about earthquakes, but there have been two tornadoes that went through the area and I forgot to be afraid!


    I had no Power for 25 hrs when that happened. But hardly any Damage where I live.

    Earthquakes??? I live in NH for 17 years.. I didnt know we had Earthquacks... NH is awesome.. Few bugs few poisones snakes... I miss it. I lived in the Londonderry area.

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