Another thing that bothers me is A statement by some reporting outfit states the ageing population will cost a trillion $ or so to take care of, well did that same ageing population take care of raising us .I mean do we not owe our parents something back.

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    Dont get me started on BS that our government is doing.. Our Elderly deserve the best care avaible... Instead these wankers in office are giving food money and health care to able bodied POS... While hoping our elderly will crawl in a whole and die so we wont be bothered by thier health,looks,smell,stories,wit,wisedom...
    I believe we owe our parents a lot for their blood, sweat and tears. There is something that is wrong with society today.
    Of course. Most cultures honor and care for their elders. One of the problems for the cost of medical care, is many people go to the doctor for one problem. The doctor will prescribe a drug to help the patient. However, it turns out this drug is causing other problems, so then another drug is issued for that, and so on until the patient is taking a basket of drugs. Most illnesses can be treated with diet and herbs, but the drug companies sleep with the FDA and keep most herbs and vitamins out of our health care system, even though the herbs have been used successfully for hundreds of years in other countries.
    I think the elderly need out support. There is something rotten in the State of Denmark.
    you know, i just feel not very bright about what the government plans for elderly people. i do other things with my mind ... and i should know.
    can anyone give me a short answer about the government? or even direct me to a site that i can understand easily.

    i may not be back to get my question right away because i have some problems with my computer. i shall return.

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