How do you get rid or bedbugs

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    To get rid of bed bugs, you need to use steam or boiling water. This will kill them and their eggs. But, you will need to do it a few times to make sure they are gone. They lay their eggs in the smallest places. Using heat, is how people get rid of them in Asia. I lived there for five years.
    Bed bugs don't exist in just your bed. The will invade every nook and cranny in your house. Here is a website that sells a non-toxic product that you can use to fog your home, and save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars getting rid of them.

    They do exist in your bed as well as the nooks and crannies. I should know because I lived in Asia for five years.
    Change the sheets and all the bedding including pillows. Wash in hot water and soap. Vacuum the bed which will scoop up the remaining bugs hopefully. Do this weekly till they're gone. And shower before bedtime to make sure you don't have them hidden in your clothes.

    That won't help either, you need to get rid of the eggs too. They can also live in your watch.

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