Whats the purpose of a health insurance company? There is only one solution !

    They make alot of money. The solution. The hospitals come up with a plan that people pay them, not the insurance companies. Let the doctors - hospitals decide the amount of care. Why pay an insurance company when they cant make and not capable of making medical decisions. There is no rational reason for health insurance companies existence anymore, when hospitals should be planning our care.

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    True, that is the way it used to be. Insurance was supposed to level the field of costs so everyone could afford seeing a doctor, and protect people from catastrophic medical bills if a person got very sick.
    Unfortunately, whenever you start an institution to help people, the institution soon becomes a beast unto its own being. In other words, the institution's first priority becomes promoting the benefits of the institution, instead of its original mission of serving the people paying into it.
    Insurance companies dont work with hospitals to lower costs. They pay what they want to pay hospitals. You know what, my question came from two friends that work for two different employees of health insurance companies. They both have 15 years working at those companies and know that these companies are making more money and paying less to hospitals. Their bonus is determined this way. They actually say they will make more money with obama care and allready been granted an exemption to that obama care plan of having to participate in it. As soon as these two people retire in 19 months they will be writing a book about how insurance companies are scamming hospitals and policy holders.
    There is no rational reason for a health insurance company? Are you for real, did you even think about that statement before you wrote it down? The medical procedures today, with the advent of technology, are considerably more expensive than yesteryear. Sure, people used to pay the doctor when they had problems and hospital stays weren't as expensive as today, but they were still expensive. Today, without insurance companies the average person couldn't even begin to pay for a hospital stay. For example, I went into the hospital for a relatively simple surgery and was in several days. The bill was $60,000. Pull that out of your savings account. It's the huge membership of these companies that allow people to afford the care they need. Is the system perfect, absolutely not, but by all means some of us are waiting with baited breath for your solution. As for the hospital doing it, where do you think that the insuance company gets the cost from? Also, even though the insurance industry isn't perfect, they do wrestle with the medical industry to lower the cost for themselves as well as you. They are by no means altruistic in their purpose, but they are the best of a bad situation.

    They're more expensive because health insurance exists. If it wasn't for health insurance paying such ridiculous fees, colleges would not be able to charge what they do for tuition, doctors would not have to charge so much to pay back the tuition fees and hospitals would have to set reasonable fees to take care of the sick. Insurance companies are a scam created to keep the cost of medical care sky high and to fatten the wallets of the rich and powerful.

    Health insurance came about when it was offered by business for workers and then evolved ito what it is today. Yes, they are a for profit business, you know the concept, free market. The conservatives practically drool when they hear the term. Ater world war II the cost of medical care began to grow at an alamrming rate and people couldn't afford to pay for medical care as in previous decades. Hell, they couldn't even afford it then. Doctors and nurses don't go into medicine for simply altrustic reason, but also for money. Pharmaceutical companies make medicine for profit and charge large fees because the research is so expensive. All in the glorious name of the free market system. Insurance companies aren't the reason for rising cost of medical care, at least not the primary reason. It's far more complicated than that. The primary reason is the free market system, which I think is the best economic system. Cost of care was rising long before insurance companies were at their zenith.

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