How many books are in the Bible? and who wrote them?

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    Why does it matter who wrote what? What matter is the message or the knowledge we acquire from the so call Bible. These people were inspire by God,or Supreme being sent by GOD as messenger,now question need to be ask? Do we ask the right question? Id know for most of us we always seen to ask wrong stupid question,we are very slow in are evolving,some of us it like we love our old fashion way of doing thing or the hard way,But this God is more patience than we,if this was up to me, we be in the trash can,no offense taken.Please take a little more time on your question.Have you heard, don't work harder,just work smarter.Now that we have access to information,You'd no longer have to be an alien or turkey .May the Lord shine upon your face and give you joy, until His return
    live your life gracefully and give someone a little joy,don't be so jeep,we are hear to learn how to give one another,FAITH,HOPE,LOVE.The greatest is "LOVE"
    66 books, 39 in Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. Over 40 people wrote the books.
    66. people who were inspired by God

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