how do I get my computor go faster

    my computor is too slow

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    3 Answers

    Some things you can try:

    Things You'll Need

    * Computer
    * Time

    * 1

    Run your antivirus software. Viruses can significantly slow down your computer, so make sure yours is clean.
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    Clean up your "startup" folder. Go to the start menu, all programs, and then to the "startup" folder. See if you have any unnecessary programs in this folder. The programs in this folder will run every time you start your computer, which not only takes up time when you boot up your computer, but also takes up memory while you are using it.
    * 3

    Check which programs automatically start up. Look at the bottom right task bar and see which programs are open. Right clicking on the icons will usually allow you to see options. If you do not need these programs to open each time, change the settings.
    * 4

    Remove any programs that you no longer use. Go to the start menu, then to the control panel, and to "Add or Remove Programs." Go through all the programs on this list and remove any that you don't need. This will free up space on your hard drive.
    * 5

    Delete any files that you no longer need. Music and video files especially take up a lot of room. Remember to empty the trash can after you delete them!

    If you don't want to delete your files, you can buy an external hard drive to store all of the files you don't need on your laptop.
    * 6

    Remove temporary internet files. To do this, go to the start menu, click on the control panel, and go to "Internet Options." Go to the "General" tab and click "delete files" under "Temporary Internet Files." Select "delete all offline content" and click OK.

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    Try defraging & compacting your files.

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