why,oh why was britain nearly starving during ww2,considering all available farmland?

    other countries that are no more than lumps of sand seemed to cope but we were reliant on imports for food.damned baffling

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    Ditto the above answers. We, in Australia had food rationing for reasons of shortage and the needs of our allies and own own forces.

    Butter tea sugar meat petrol and clothing were all rationed.

    Each person in a household was given Ration Books for the above items. Clothing included bed linen. Prices for a pair of sheets could be 20/6 and 5coupons.

    We sent tons of food to the Uk.

    absolutely amazed to hear of australia being rationed.the plot thickens.surely australia can produce a huge surplus of food,therefore exporting surplus?
    I was a kid during WW2. In the U.K. we had the womens land army. This meant that yong women were recuited onto farms to replace the men who were in the forces. And a bloody exelent job they made of it too. Whilst it is true that we had quite severe rationing during, and indeed after the war, I cant rcall people actually starving. In fact it has since been seen as the healthiest diet our country ever had. We didnt have the tons of blubber we have waddling down the street that we see today.

    Very true, and sugar rationing reduced the amount of tooth decay. I was a wartime baby and I consider that my excellent health is at least partly due to the diet I had at the time.

    accepted. HOWEVAH,the battle for the atlantic was seen as pivotal with hitler TRYING to starve britain into submission.were not these food supplies seen as absolutely VITAL for britain's very survival?so much so that many, many thousands of men and tonnage were lost (recommend 'Das Boot'). like i say,i'm at a loss as to why we couldn't be self sufficient
    Maybe because all the farmers went to war and no one was left to work the fields?

    surely that would have been madness

    It happened. Here in the states, we ran into food shortages too due to farmers being shipped off to war. Women went to work in the factories to mass produce weapons, bombs, planes and such for the war effort so they were not available for farm work either.

    you may well have a point,but don't you agree it's a classic case of bad decision making and poor housekeeping? after all,no food no-one to fly said planes.

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