what do you do when all primary doctors won't accept you because you are on long term narcotics for pain?

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    Due to abuse alot of primary doctors don't want the liability hassles. I've been on narcotic pain meds. a long time. Mine was first my back, they tried talking me into surgery, NO WAY, then after heart and lung cancersurgey they put me on pain patches (made me sick), then, I moved to MD the doctors up here don't like giving Narcotics out so, the primary, I have reffered me to a PAIN MGMT DOCTOR, as long as it helps go for it but, I still have to use the 10/325 mg 5x/day.

    Most primary docs, believe it or not, know very litte about managing pain, which is why if you have long term pain, go to a pain specialist. There are nerve shots with RF treatment they can give you in your spine that will block the pain for several years, sometimes forever.

    I tried to get in to a pain mgmt doc. They said I had to have a primary doc first, so I'm stuck.

    Who are "THEY"? As long as you stay within your network of approved physicians, you can see anyone you want.

    Sparkle, Yeah they (Pain Mgmt) require a Referral from a primary so, you may want to contact a physicians ofc. tell them your trying to get in pain mgmt. but, you need a referral. Maybe then they might accept you an give a referral. GOOD LUCK

    Thank you dad59 for understanding what I said. Thank you so much for your info. I will try that. God bless you.
    Are you on PRESCRIPTION narcotics for pain? If so, I find it hard to believe there isn't a primary doctor who won't treat you. What else is there you aren't telling us?


    Yes, it is a prescription. I have been looking for a while for a doctor and they have all said that they will take new patients unless I am on a long term narcotic. I went through the referrel system and they couldn't find one. I talked to the administration office at St. Johns and they told me that it was just too hard to keep up and regulate people on narcotics. They suggested that I go to the pain center, do alternative things, get off the pain meds, then try getting a doc again. I called the pain center and they said that I had to have a primary doc to refer me. My former doc would not listen to me about pain in my elbow from an accident. After complaining for 1 1/2 years she finally referred me to a hand doc. They did tests and found permanet damage which I had to have surgery on. The doc said it probably could have been fixed with therapy when it was just a pinched nerve 1 1/2 years ago. So I am not about to see her again.

    This still doesn't make sense. Who put you on the drugs in the first place? Obviously this doc must've thought you were in pain to prescribe the drugs to you, so why didn't he/she refer or treat the elbow at that point?

    A neurologist put me on it for neck and back pain. (arthritis, spurs, herniated disks, spinal stinosis). After 2 neck surgeries, 1 back surgery, bone replacement, bars, rods, and fusion from t2 through f4, I came out of it with fibromyalgia, and severe arthritis pain in all my joints, so I had to continue taking the pain med. The doc that waited for so long to treat my elbow continued prescribing the med and kept telling me that my elbow pain and my arm falling asleep a lot was just the fybromyalgia.

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