I was recently shot in the top of my foot by a .22 calibar bullet. It has been three weeks now and I am still in alot of pain and cannot bend my toes without terrible pain. I shattered a bone but the doc says it is healing fine. could i have permenant tendon or ligement damage? my toes wont curl at all?

    my foot has a deep pain in it all the time. I cannot curl my toes and when I try i am in alot of pain. could i have tendon or ligement damage from the blast effect of the bullet?

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    Years ago, by rushing one day and taking a shortcut I shouldn't have, I caught two fingers on a table saw blade. I didn't lose the fingers, but the blade hit bone and tore skin. For three months those fingers throbbed like a toothache, and required me to sleep with them elevated in order for them not to throb. Now twenty five years later, those two fingers feel like a piece of cold hamburg is stuck on the ends of them, especially on a cold day. Most importantly you want to be careful of infection, and make sure that it is healing properly. But, what you descibe goes with the territory of having a projectile impact your foot at approximately 1350-1500 feet per second. I don't know who shot you, or if you accidently shot yourself...but GUNS NEED TO BE TREATED AS THOUGH THEY ARE LOADED AND KEPT POINTED AWAY FROM YOUR OWN ANATOMY AND THAT OF OTHERS...AT ALL TIMES! There are guns on the market with faulty trigger and safety mechanisms. You are lucky it wasn't a high-powered rifle or large gauge shotgun, or you wouldn't have a foot to worry about. Sorry to lecture, but it seemed someone needed to say that. I hope you learn to respect the dangerous nature of guns, as I have learned to respect table saws.
    Maybe what you need to do is visit another doctor. You undoubtedly have much traumatized tissue in there and probably much swelling, this swelling could be why you can not bend your toes. As for 'permanent damage' your doctor should have already advised you if this is a possibility. It takes months for ligament/tendon damage to cure.I am assuming you already had some form of surgery to clean up the wound and repair damage.

    Please talk to your doctor with clear questions. Don't depend on the internet as your guide.. We only surmise we do not cure.. In this case, your doctor is your answer, you still feel confused, get another doctor's opinion..

    And quit playing with guns.. You're lucky you didn't shoot your head.
    Definitely go talk to your doctor or get a new one. He/She should have explained everything that has been written here. Shootah and Vinny have given you some very good advise, I hope you take it.
    The Doctor would have explained the process of healing to you,ask for an x-ray and see whats going on.
    live by the gun die by anethesia..hopefully its just tempuary , if the pain still persists id see a doctor!
    I would think that the inside of your foot is swollen. This will cause many problems with moving your foot around. Your doctor might want to have you in a physio therapy program.
    After having been shot four times on different occasions, all minor wounds, I decided Not to have guns and not to be around them. Since making this choice my car and house has been shot by errant hunters and kids with guns and I reside in a remote community. Obviously the ownership of guns should require gun safety training imposed by the industry or sellers of firearms because the government cannot touch the issue.
    Another example of untrained people in a gun happy nation.

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