childhood boils all over body and what causes this

    Child age 3 breaks out in boils, and has to have them heated and pulled out by a hot cup edge

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    First and foremost, always, remember, never apply a cream, it only suppresses the complaint for a short time, and causes massive aggravation and recurrence. Also, avoid giving her drugs to suppress fever.

    Since, the boils are all over the body, the cause is systemic, i.e., there may be excessive proliferation of bacteria and their toxic products in the blood stream.

    You need to get her blood investigated – CBC, ESR.

    Also, a broad spectrum anti-biotic may be required to clear up the case.

    Are they pus boils? Do they bleed? Are they painful?
    Homoeopathic remedy, Sulphur, will be very beneficial for her. Sulphur is very effective to manage stubborn boils, that come in crops. It reduces pain, pus formation, checks infection, and prevents recurrence.

    If they are pus boils, ensure, that the baby’s clothes are washed separately in an anti-septic and with hot water. Maintaining hygiene is of utmost importance to prevent spread.

    Give her 2 flakes of garlic – grated (raw), every day. Garlic is the best antiseptic, that we have. It has a long history as an infection – fighter.
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    Thank you Pam.
    Usually staph. This child needs to be taken to a pysician for diagnosis and treatment. There may be someing in the home environment that is causing this problem. May be nutritional deficiency. May be a lot of things. You are not dealing with health care professionals on this site.
    Take care of this child properly, please.
    What causes a child of 3 to break out in masses of boils all over her body?

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