What do you think of Sharia Law? Is it racist and intolerated of Muslim culture for the Government in America to ban Sharia Law?

    several states already tried banning Sharia law as if Muslims were taking over and invading the country when theres no real chance at all right now for Sharia law in any form to be passed by any state. Its a joke. What do you think of Sharia law being banned? Is it racist to do that?

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    I am really disapointed and concerned by the small number of answers...

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    I have no interest in their laws. We have our own laws here and so long as they don’t break our laws we got no problem. Don’t ask me to respect 12th century laws. I’m with those red-neck Americans on this subject. I won’t take it all sugar coated either. No prayer mats in the halls of congress….American laws are sacred here…live up to them or leave. 


    ed shank

    Well spoken Robert.

    Everything I have heard about Sharia Law has not been pleasant.  I recently heard on a radio show while driving, that a leader had been put into office in a foreign country.  Do not remember which one, could be middle east I believe.  They did say the leader was into and wanted Sharia Law carried out now that he is the high ruler, something like president.  One Muslim lady spoke and said she did not wear a burka, but feared she would be made to now that this new president was in office.  They also said that 8 million Christians are in that country and are started to fear they will get more discrimination than they are already getting.  If Sharia Law scares the people its for,  well as truckyboy said, I hope it stays over in its country or origin.  And the America  Government, if they have an sense,  will absolutely ban Sharia Law from being exercised or practiced or romanticized in these United States.  A very key point to this question is,  "right now".  There is no chance 'right now' for Sharia Law taking over in the US right now.  But according to what I have seen and heard on TV, . . .  well guess the rest.

    It is not racist to outlaw it here. It is a religious law of another culture that does not tolerate anything but itself. It makes slaves of women and kills anyone not following it. It is the extreme. I am not talking about islam, it is not the same. We welcome culture differences but we do not have to welcome other culture's laws. We are an independant republic.


    Thank you!

    When I came to this country and especially when I became an USA citizen I pledged to obey the constitution and all other laws that govern the USA. How can some  newcomers expect to bring with them and obey their own laws some of which - Sharia in this case - are conflicting with the host country  - USA - laws?

    ed shank

    It ain't gonna happen.

    Here here truckyboy that needed to be said.I speak of the UK as that is where I was born and live,my grandad was in the army n fought during WW2 to preserve our way of life n freedoms.This is a secular country n there will be sharia law here over my dead body,if you want to cover your faces,stone adulterers n chop off peoples hands go live in Iran cos Allah has no authority in these Islands n thats a fact.
    P.s protestantism came from Germany after martin luther nailing his protest to the cathedral door n all that but your right King Henry changed the religion of the country basically to get in about Anne Boleyn n take out the church at the same time which was a law unto itself answering to the pope n filthy rich.
    Oh aye n that poppy burning protest,he got a 50 quid fine,what would i get for burning a Koran ~ jailed thats what !!!!!

    Because sharia law begins in and belongs in the country of origin. There is no room for this law to be passed in any civilised world. There are many muslims in the uk asking for this law to be part of our legal process. 99% of its citizens do not want it myself included. We have laws in this country already, so why must we accept these archaic laws, passed by old senile men in long dresses.
    if muslims do not like the laws we already have, then i can easily show you where the door is.
    I am sick to the back teeth of people coming to my country, or maybe even born here, trying to change the way this country lives its life.
    We have allowed muslims to build mosques, why i dont know, cos sure as hell we couldnt build a church in a muslim country. We have two religions in this country Catholic, and protestant, and the second one was only born because henry 8th wanted to re-marry, and it was against the catholic law to divorce.
    We dont have to be called racist because of our views, a trait we were given by our forefathers fighting for that right. Unlike the muslim who burned a poppy whilst protesting during a minutes silence for our fallen soldiers, he is a racist, and to think he did that whilst claiming ?800 a month in benefits. All these people should be kicked out immediately, and see if he is allowed to protest so vividly in his homeland, or wherever his roots or allegiance lie. I believe we have given too much to people, and one day it will all explode in our faces, like enoch powell once said in his rivers of blood speech.



    We have our own laws and policies here in the USA, if they want their laws and policies no matter where they come from, they should go back to where these laws and policies are accepted.  Old saying.. "when in Rome, do as the Romans do'.

    I don't know everything there is about Sharia Law, but if it harms people within our borders...then it should be dealt with like any other crime. If it promotes harming people within our borders...then it should be prosecuted as promoting or soliciting to commit a crime.

    I don't know of Sharia Law. I assume it degrades woman from what I've read so I think I have an idea. I think it sucks raw eggs then......

    Sharia Law does not comply with the US constitution. It is invalid anywhere in the US and schould be.Its interesting to think that these Muslims came to our country to escape tyranny, yet want to practice the same law that brought them here in the first place. No sharia law ever in this country.

    I know enough to know its bullbutter.

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