what do you feed a two week old orphaned rabbit?

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    call a vet or a pet store maybe the humane society. i hope you find out. i bet hes a real cutie.
    lettuce,carrots they do have rabbit pellits (food).. perhaps that might be way to young i dont know why not call a local vet and ask.. good looking out where is the mother she might reject her offspring once he has human contact
    At two weeks it will still need moms nutrition. Some pet stores cell infant animal milk products. They have all the vitamins and stuff they need. They usually have small bottles or eye droppers and stuff too. I know when I found a week old kitten in the road they had everything I needed at Petsmart. But now with the internet you can find anything you need. Are you planning on putting it back in the wild?? If you are you should read this page: I has some really helpful information on it. Good Luck.

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