Why should not a 3rd strong national political party be setup in our country

    The shameful circus of power-grab shenanigans - severely detrimental to getting 'the necessary' done for the good of the overwhelming majority of the hard working American people, long witnessed, involving Republicans and Democrats forever in 'election mode' - is the background for this Question that is now on the lips of many who till now have allowed themselves to remain naively trusting surrounded incessantly as they've been by calculated immensely Greedy corporate media brain-washing.
    Now this 3rd party can easily be founded by the over 160 million hard-working 'middle-class' American people to specifically represent their own known and rightful interests. Establishing this new party's vital financial set up is explained as follows :
    If Each One of these hard-working 'middle-class' Americans was to contribute just one dollar a day for this rewarding purpose - for 300 days out of the 365 day year - there would accrue the colossal sum of approximately forty-eight Trillion US dollars per year ! Simple !
    Stipulated that the management of this money would be the responsibility of chosen justified Non-greedy executives whose monthly performance would be recorded in supervisory detailed Reports & Returns.
    Of this financial side would there-after be a quarterly evaluation under the honest and never forsaken stipulation of "ONE strike- and you're OUT" with - for the guilty - a jail term of not less than 15 years, plus punitive recoveries with no re-employment the party Ever allowed.

    Briefly, the political reality of this fresh 3 party demographic would be for each party to have a national strength of roughly 30% of the voting population . Now, Before any government could even be set up, this broad division would have to result in a firm give & take compromise between any 2 parties. The present highly confrontational and irrelevant word 'partisan' that now rules politics would then die its natural death , and fortunately be heard of no more.

    All future Presidents of the USA would be elected for ONE term only - be it 6 years maybe - during which this chief executive would be required to resign from any and all political parties thereby being viewed as the President of the People of USA - certainly not of any party.
    Suffice it to say that the ideas contained here-in will be opposed tooth and nail by the existing Democrats and the Republicans as their turn by turn monopoly on power would no more be possible.
    A much nicer : America - and world - would follow

    Note. All Negative comments to the Question will be sincerely respected - purely with a view to improve the working details being put together around this realistic and egalitarian basic concept

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    sound like a full political revolutaion. thats been done once before . the goverment wont ever let that hsppen again,what happened to the tea party was it not their agenda for a third political system or did that drean go up in smoke with our cival liberities. i do agree in term limits four rather than six, the wheels of socialism are turning much to great now to put the brakes on, or even slow down. middle clas america has been contracted out the lowest bidder ... time to reload "praise the lord and pass the amunition!!!!

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