Why do dogs lick people?

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    For several reasons, one is to say I love you (when they lick your hand, arm etc.) it is a sign of submission to the pack leader. When a dog tries to lick your mouth he is asking you to regugitate food and share it with him just like you were his pack leader in the wild.
    Yes its to do with being pack leader and when they lick your face they exspecting you to regergtate food for them as they would be doing this in thier own pack its in them from being born even though we have domesticated them also they sometimes lick your hand because there they can salt and of course its away of showing you that they love you. I Love Dogs
    It's a dog thing...showing affection!
    My dogs have thier own salt lick.. My hubbys head.. Ihave never seen anyones head sweat so much.. They see him come in the door and they think it is dinner time.
    Because they don't have hands to pat us back. :)

    true but they don't owe us nothin..

    Well they understand being petted as being loved. They just want to return the love because that's what dogs do.
    this be a question for 6 dogs but my guess is perhaps the salt on their skin as well as maybe just their way of saying hello!!

    Thank you daren, I just spotted it and answered. Yes they do like the salt on our skin too.

    with a username like 6dogs i figured that was your fortay!!
    I would never let a dog lick me.I've seen what they do with their tongues!
    they cant lick there privates all the time thats just rude
    I wondered about this myself...I understand the salt dog is constantly licking me and my signigicant gets to be annoying more than anything as he NEVER stops...never saw any other dog do this so much! It's almost embarassing plus the little mutt has a foot fetish to boot! You don't want to go barefoot around him...he's in Heaven when you do!
    They r either grooming u or showing signs of affection.

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