Why is happiness so illusive ?

    It is like bubbles as soon as you think you have got it it bursts and is gone.

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    Happiness is always attainable if you are able to start looking for what's right rather than whats wrong. Everything that happens in life can be reinterpreted later on and become used for the good.I know that sounds cheesy but it is true. Some of the most devastating things that have come my way have given me strength I never imagined that I had. Other sad times I have been able to help others through my experience.
    Happiness is illusive only if you expect everyone else to make you happy. If you strive to make yourself happy then it will come easier each day.

    Thank you 6dogs4us I'm not sure about how to make myself happier. Will I be happier buying something I want myself or buying something for someone else.
    Sometimes when I buy someone else something I find out later they did'nt appreciate it.
    I also find it hard to help someone without involving finance. If I help someone across the street is that where they want to be ?
    You make your own happiness!
    Happiness is like baking a cake all the ingredients are their but you got to put'em together to make the cake

    Well what a good saying. I will have to remember that one.

    love that answer

    what if it's the opposite? when you know how to bake the cake except you don't have the ingredients? does that count as the opposite of happiness? sadness? ....

    Can i have the recipe,i would love to make that
    It's called life. You have to take the good with the bad. It's all good experience :)
    I agree that we make it and that we have the choice each day. Some days it is harder than others, but if we can look for the beauty of each day and the positive, it helps!
    Happiness is all in my attitude. I pray and meditate each day and count the blessings that come my way. The birds sining in the morning, watching my dogs stretch (yoga style) as they get out of bed. It is the little things in life that make it worthwhile.
    Benthere said it, "Let go and Let God".
    That's because your desires are unlimited.
    Maybe your bubbles are in the water and not in the air.. are you looking in the wrong place????

    Jenn ~ good visual! are you a poet?

    Was at one piont.. now I am just a mom.
    Happiness isn't's everywhere. Just look around and grab it. Some people would rather be miserable and hope that others feel sorry for them. Others make the most out of life...even in the toughest of times. Recognize what is REALLY important, embrace it and you will find happiness.
    the only completely happy people who are happy all the time, are psycopathic people who have lost touch with reality.
    Most people just settle for dealing with their problems one at a time, as they come up.
    Happiness is a fleeting feeling---like when a man buys his first car : or when a woman has her first baby. ....or on your wedding day .
    Happiness comes in not having what you want, but in wanting what you have .
    Setting your expectations to high, will cause you disappointment. Ask for nothing and appreciate what you get.
    this would be impossible for anyone else to answer. for the three year old it would be a popsickle on a hot day, for the twenty year old it would be a great boyfriend/girlfriend, for me ... at this moment it would be learning to use some features of my new computer.
    and for some people in japan it would be good meals, privacy of a home, and relief from the pain of loss. (like that ... not just japan, of course)
    what would make YOU happy?

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