If you where walking down the street and saw someone being mugged would u help or walk on by

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    Of course. I carry a cell phone so would call 911. If he began to hurt the person, yeah, I'd be crazy enough to try and stop him anyway I could.

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    Nice question a T.U. one. I was involved in a very similar situation and it like number 7 answer down. Could use a T.U.!

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    I have a terrible habit of getting into others business.... But a mugger should be everyones business.

    yes I would call 911 and then I would try to help too.

    yes I would call 911 and then I would try to help too.

    I would definitely HELP in any way that I could! The stories one hears about people just walking by someone who is in dire need of help in one way or another just disgusts me! How can people have such a lack of humanity is beyond my comprehension!

    I'd have to step up and do the right thing and get involved. I'd want someone to do that for a loved one of mine.

    OMG How could you NOT help?

    I have to say that calling 911 and swinging my killer purse would most likely be what I would do.

    I'd have to step in to a phone booth to change in to my superman outfit first then I would throw down some testosterone after which he would wakup just as he was being wheeled in to the ambulance but I'd be gone by then and he'd go on the strait and narrow the rest of his days. The poor victim would try and give me a dollar but I wouldn't take it, then I'd say something like "I'm happy to be of service maam" .. "If your going to be out voting democratic in the city after dark with nothing much on you should carry a gun for your own protection".

    I think any responsible person would call 911.There would be less people dying everyday if we would get involved.

    With out a doubt I would get involved. I have done it before when 2 purse snatchers were trying to take a woman's purse away. I ran an slammed my elbow into the closest guy knocking him down. The second guy was just noticing what was happening when I punched him square in the nose and blood just poured out. He did not want any more and the 2 ran off and got into a car and drove away. Never could get the licence plate # but, this poor lady was in tears and shook-en up. She thanked me over and I felt so bad for her. The sad thing was there were about 14 people watching this and did nothing I know of. The police came and I gave my description and my account of what happened.

    If he was pointing a gun at his victim I would keep on walking and call 911. If he just had a knife I would get involved.

    we need to mind our own biz.


    Your green logo pretty much says it all where you are concerned.

    i shall run after the mugger and scream "oh my god, someone help, someone robbed the money i was gonna rob, catch him"

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