Why communist and marxist are Called left front ?

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    Far right, extreme right, hard right, radical right, and ultra-right are terms used to discuss the qualitative or quantitative position a group or person occupies within right-wing politics. The terms are often used to imply that someone is an extremist. The terms have been used by different scholars in somewhat conflicting ways.

    Far right politics commonly involve supremacism — a belief that superiority and inferiority is an innate reality between individuals and groups — and a complete rejection of the concept of social equality as a norm. Far right politics often support segregation; the separation of groups deemed to be superior from groups deemed to be inferior. Far right politics also commonly include authoritarianism, nativism, racism and xenophobia.

    The ideologies usually associated with the far right include fascism, Nazism and other ultra-nationalist, religiously extreme or reactionary ideologies.

    Far left, revolutionary left, radical left and extreme left are terms which refer to the highest degree of leftist positions among left-wing politics.

    The far left promotes social justice and egalitarianism more explicitly in language and sometimes in action, may exhibit opposition to and aggression towards stratified economic, political and social establishments, and is typically hostile towards people who are associated with a stratified establishment.

    The origin of left as a political term is the seating arrangements in the French National Assembly during the French Revolution. The most radical of the Jacobins were seated on the far left of the chamber. The term Jacobin was used to describe far left people throughout much of the 19th century. Since then, the term far left has been used to describe persons or groups who hold extreme egalitarian views and who support radical social and political change.

    In France, the term extr?me-gauche ("far left") is a generally accepted term for political groups to the left of the French Communist Party (such as Trotskyists, anarchists, Maoists and New Leftist).

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