Made a mistake, how do you regain people's trust?

    Recently, I’ve had a few events in my personal life.
    While I’ve gotten my life back on track, I’d love your advice on how to mend my relationships, with people close to me.

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    I wish tou luck if this pertains to you. of coarse a T.U. and check out my advice, it is some what similar to friendindeeds.

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    Those who were close to you probibly still love you. They are hurt. Tell them you are sorry and admit your mistake. Ask them for another chance. They will sence that you mean what you say. Make sure are seen to be on the right track and in time they will again trust you. I wish you all the best in what you are doing. One of the worst thing are to loose the trust of those you love. We all make mistakes and we also deserve a second chance. Not easy to admit our mistakes so i respect the fact that you are on the right road.


    It has taken me many years to regain my fathers trust. After my parents diforce I have been confused stressed and heart broken! I have lost that powerful one on one with my mother and have gained strength with my father. The trust between us has rebuilt a new relationship with eachother; As if I'm in a new body!

    I like friends answer, you can speak with them and apologize, which does take a lot of sand, or if that is to difficult for you depending on what particular circumstances occurred, you can reassure them that you will be there for them in the future. By reassuring that you are done with your old mistakes and have learned from them, you don't necessarily have to go into the painful details of what happened before. Good luck with your relationships.

    Number one is the mistakes in life that give you strength and's what forces you to grow and see things differently. Forgive yourself first but really "do" learn from them. Tell each loved one in your life you are truly sorry and show them, not just tell them you are sorry. Like Raider says ..."actions speak volumes".I don't know what your journey was but only you can do what is necessary to show you have learned. Taking responsibility for what you have done is huge, not blaming anyone for your decisions is a sign of character. We all have a closet with ghosts and old bones, so realize nobody is perfect.Grow from this experience and seek answers from within as to why you did what you did...if necessary seek counselling and support.Your family and or friends may be hurt and have lost trust but those can be regained in time, just give it the time necessary.It took time to make these mistakes and it will take time to fix them as patient. Good luck,I have made many bad decisions in my life...this too shall pass!

    Be good and forgiving consciently, this is compassion an aspect of true love.

    If you lost important peoples trust the best thing you can do is show them you are trust worth by your ACTIONS. Talk is cheap but actions leads to change and beliefs. It will take time but, if it is important enough to you, you will be patient. They will give you little "tests" at first and after a while. If you show them you can be trusted by following though with these bigger and bigger trust situations, eventually you will have gained their respect back. Good luck buddy.

    Always remember to tell them you are truly sorry but always remember that actions speak much louder than words also.

    Consistently good behavior with looking anything in return is a good way to start. Don't expect them to trust you until you have proven yourself worthy. And as I said, be consistent in what ever you do and it will begin the trust building.

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