What tricks do you use to get to sleep?

    Sometimes I just cant get myself to sleep what r some amazing tricks besides counting sheep.

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    Try do some stretch exercises on nights you can't seem to go to sleep. Particularly, with the neck and shoulders. You may be too tense and a little stressful for the reasoning you can't sleep. Hope this is helpful, sweet dreams!!!


    Thanks, I'll give it a shot.

    instead of counting sheep try counting your blessings

    I listen to relaxing classical music. By that, I do NOT mean something like The 1812 Overture. Lol.

    can you sleep with the radio on? It works for me.

    Do you have a partner? If so, a nice body massage and rub down can also be helpful!!!


    This part of my first answer that I didn't include. Body massage and rub down is an alternate to the stretch exercises and it only applied when you had difficultly with sleep.


    Sounds lovely but won't be applicable for every night.

    I love interior decorating, so I decorate my neighbors house in my mind and very rarely get past one room before I'm sound asleep. Works every time for me!

    have an AMETHYST stone next to youre pillow


    pretty cheap to buy,


    who? ME?..


    heres info on an amethyst stone, pretty good

    ole hipster

    Does it work? And exactly what is an amethyst stone for? I know an amethyst is a semi precious stone but that's the extent of my knowledge. Hey, by the way, do you have insomnia also or are you a "night" person???

    ole hipster

    Insomniacs unite! Hey, I just thought of another forum!

    None, I sleep better than a baby.

    Stand on your head and whistle Dixie 12 times.

    If you're not adverse to taking supplements (herbal) try melatonin. Works for me and my brother. We do however both state that we have vivd dreams.


    Thanks. I should have mentioned that I want to find tis which do not include medications.

    Get something to tie around your eyes. (*I call it tying them down)

    Relax your muscles.

    listen to the sound of falling water or earth sounds. *allow yourself to envision where you are.

    *It is important not to tense your muscles on any part of your body because it keeps your mind thinking that there is something to do.

    Your sister,


    Lay on the bed and wish all the people in the world a good night's sleep. It does work.

    I have to jump over a fence repeatedly while anonymous people count the times

    (vengeful,sheepish people) I'm exhausted !



    I bet you slept like a log after all the jumping, you poor thing..

    ""Just the usual "tricks!"

    If I am laying down, reading usually puts me to sleep, regardless of whether I wanted to or not.

    counting white goats...""

    I myself use finger exercises, first buy 8 cans of the beer of your choice (must have ringpulls)

    Then one by one remove ringpulls and drink contents by the time you have used finger 8 times you are ready for kip. 


    I realise Volcane might not be here, but this might help some one

    I wonder who lewboy!!
    Must try that one or eight!!


    I'll  eat a light snack about 2 hours before going to bed, a turkey sandwich or some yogurt. About 30 minutes before bed I'll do some stretching or yoga. When I get in bed I'll put on my cd of raining on a tin rooftop, works for me !!!


    Sounds like bliss.

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