Which countries have the best military?

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    Damn how did I miss this question! One of my favorite topics. This answer should help more than the last. How about a T up!

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    By far the USA. Second Russia, it still has the second most powerful military over all. China is huge but relies on out dated equipment from Russia. They will be a force to reckon with as their economy continues to grow. However, now they are limited to their region. China can not move there army to say Sadia Arabia b/c they have no air craft carriers or ships to protect their personnel vessels from being sunk. Next would be the UK followed by France. Japan is armed to the teeth and are a major naval power. They could quickly train up a vast land army if needed and the US could supply its needs. Followed by India and Pakistan. The next might shock you but N. Korea has a 1 million man army and the best Russian and Chinese hardware. Then S. Korea followed by the emerging Brazilian military. Hope it helps and a thumbs up.

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    Actually I consider Isreal on par with the western powers in training, technology and tactics. But, they are two small to make anyones top 10 list although an impossing force considering there size.

    USA, I hope........

    Depends what you mean by best.If you mean in quality of training,experience,their versitility and skills,for the professional and tough personal then it would have to be the UK,Australia,Germany followed up by US,Israel n Russia but if your talking in terms of size the China n Russia n US are way out infront of the rest whilst in terms of the most high tech,well equipped has to be the US,in terms of quality of equipment the UK be a close 2nd,,Eurofighter is no real match for a Raptor thou Challenger 2 is a better tank,better record than the Abrahms but Royal Navy is a fraction of US Navy with no true carriers anymore but small yet world class sub fleet.In terms of sheer men n material thou China is on top thou India is big aswell.Mind you the Soviet Union in WW2 n China in Korea proved size really does count

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    The US and UK are at best are equal along side Australia's elite units and Israels, Canada's and New Zealands. Challenger is good, very very good but as good and battle tested as the Abrahms A2? Nah. I might put the German Leopard slightly ahead of both but, the Abrahms came out in the early 1980s not 2009. The sky is owned by the Americans and our allies. The sea, above and below, America dominates, period. Russia has a decent force but much much smaller then before. China and India are huge but, weapons today are force multipliers and the body bags will just keep filling up.

    The US and Japan



    Coming from Australia as I do our fighting force is world renowned but we have sweet bugger all as far as numbers are concerned. Maybe that is why we are so tenacious in our fighting ability. We use a platoon where others with more "cannon foder" use a Company to do the same job.


    yea,I saw a program on the History Channel about Marauel (something like that) Raiders and it was very interesting. I have a lot of respect 4 the Aussies, they kicked the Japs ass in Burma!

    The U.S. is probably the most effective and destructive. I would think that China, while not in the same class as us now, will in the future be a real force to reckoned with. I agree, it would be nice to be able to avoid war. However, as long as we have humans on the planet we will have wars. Simply, because of good old emotions, anger, greed, envy, hatedred, avarice and all the others that make the world go around. Oh wait, that's love isn't it? Oh well.

    I would say Switzerland. They never get into a war!

    not america they cant make out the differance between
    friendly and enemy troops the british army by far the best,
    the british army sunshine the best of the best
    thats when the yanks arnt dropping bombs on them

    Who give a shit. War is wrong. People have been divided for too long. Get rid of armies and start using military funding on saving people from poverty and disease.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Damn how did I miss this question! One of my favorite topics. This answer should help more than the last. How about a T up!


    That was not helpful at all.

    Headless Man

    AS I said on another post:
    If good people don't fight bad people will rule.

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