How can i get a killer flat stomach?

    How often would I have to work out and For how long?
    Whats should I eat to achieve this?

    I have a big family occasion in 3 months time and I am freaking out. I have got to flatten my stomach by then or i will look weird in the super tight dress I have to wear.
    Is this a reasonable goal?

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    Hey friend, left you the correct answer barely today. Read it and it will work especially in 3 months. If its a good answe T.U. Here is your TU for this important question as yours!

    ole hipster

    Why do you have to wear a super tight dress?

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    I think ab crunches jogging watching the calories.I think you can reach your goal in less time.Just set a goal and don't let anything get in your way.I chunked up in the stomach because winter got me down And i have a stomach that needs to go.Good luck

    Most people here said stay away from potatoes..this bloke ate nothing but spuds for a year,,150 down to 101 kgs,,Now that's a diet,,this ques was 6 years ago 2010 and the spud man was moves on..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..  

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    Both good answers above. First eat a low Carb diet meaning low complex Carbs life potatoes, breed, pasta and most everything made of wheat. Keep you caloric intake to UNDER 2500 calories a day closer to 2,000/day. Next aerobic exercises 5 times a week or more. Start off with 15 minutes of the bike or treadmill, stair stepper etc.. and gradually build up to 60 minutes a day after the 1st month. Continue this for the next 2 months and keep increasing the resistance and time if you are able. Next ab crunches, start off low and build uo to as many as you can 3 sets of them. Then your lateral obliques, side abs, both sides as many as you can and do 3 sets of these, try to get up to doing these everyday. This is one muscle group you can do daily. Cut your sugar intake and fat intake as low as possible. Remember fruits and vegetables are carbs but, not complex carbs and eat as much of them as you like, no one gets far on vetable and friut. Last keep your lean protein up, chicken, fish, turkey and lean beef and steaks. You can do it!

    That is probably always the best . Lots of exercise and eat lean meat and veggies. The HCG shots people are doing also works. Like a pound a day.

    Eat a low carb diet. Lots of protien and non-starch veggies (green) with excercise should do the trick. Don't eat bread, potatos, corn, bananas and absolutely NO SUGAR. I did this and lost 25 lbs in 4 months! Good Luck!

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